ED2019 3/5 REVIEWS

3/5 at Edinburgh Festival 2019 (Good)

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Neither Here Nor There (Jo Fong / Sonia Hughes)
Jennifer Tyler: Ready Or Not (Rachel Kraftman)
Have I Told You I'm Writing A Play About My Vagina? (Chucked Up Theatre)
Play Before Birth (Coast to Coast Theatre Company)
Elliot Steel: Merked (Off The Kerb / PBH's Free Fringe)
(I)sland T(rap): The Epic Remixology Of The Odyssey (Lyrical Therapy University and Aztec Economy)
How To Save A Life (Glass Half Full Theatre)
Men With Coconuts (Men With Coconuts)
Frank Foucault: Desk (Frank Foucault and Shmuck Theatre)
Intolerable Side Effects (Claire Parry)
Matt McGuinness: We Are What We Overcome (Ingenious Fools / Furthest From The Sea)
Jesus Christ Superstar (Captivate Theatre)
Claude Bourbon: Medieval And Spanish Blues (Claude Bourbon)
Phoebe Robinson: Sorry, Harriet Tubman (AEG presents)
Teach (Bread And Butter Productions)
Freddie: One Night With Freddie (Outbreak Productions)
Liza Treyger: In The Weeds (Live Nation and Avalon present)
Got A Text: A Musical Parody (Round Three Productions)
Rodgers With A D - The Tommy Rodgers Centenary Celebration (Louise Rodgers)
The Legend Of Shadows (Point View Art Association and Shadow Legends Drama Group (Macao/Taiwan))
Genesis: The Mary Shelley Play (Artists Collective Theatre - Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Dominic Berry: I Can Make You Fail Slightly Less (Dominic Berry)
Milo Edwards: Pindos (Milo Edwards)
Micky Bartlett: Love It! (MZA and Nunchuck Productions)
Matt Price: Broken Hooters And Geezers With Shooters (Bound & Gagged Comedy)
Eleanor Tiernan: Enjoying the Spotlight Responsibly (Eleanor Tiernan / PBH's Free Fringe)
Arrivals (Twelve Twelve Theatre and New Celts Productions)
Suffering From Scottishness (Kevin P Gilday)
Ricky Riddlegang And The Riddlegang (Peracals Productions)
The Art Of Skipping (Purple Door Productions Limited)
The Golden Path (Vanessa Hammick)
Fat Blast And Crackers: 101 Sketches In 50 minutes! (The Scribbling Ape)
Amy Howerska: Serious Face (Amy Howerska)
Aaron Chen: Piss Off (Just Kidding) (Fight in the Dog)
Erth's Dinosaur Zoo (Underbelly and Erth)
Steve N Allen: Better Than (Steve N Allen / The Stand Comedy Club)
Radu Isac: Good Excuses For Sociopaths (Radu Isac)
Dan Soder: Son Of A Gary (Live Nation Presents)
Tappuccino (Brunch Bunch)
The Sensemaker (Woman's Move)
Meatball Séance (John Michael/PBH's Free Fringe)
Full Consent To Speak On My Behalf (Good Wolf People)
A**Hole New World (Brian Gallagher)
Children Of The Quorn (Megan from HR)
The Establishment: Bureau De Strange (Mad Etiquette)
Jacob Hawley: Faliraki (Jacob Hawley)
Gethin Alderman Is: Sublime (Gethin Alderman)
Rachel Fairburn: The People's Princess (Live Nation)
My Best Dead Friend (Anya Tate-Manning and Isobel MacKinnon with Zanetti Productions)
Landscape (1989) (Emergency Chorus)
Who Is Daniel King (Ed Eales-White)
Algorithms (Sadie Clark & Laura Elmes Productions)
Basil Brush: Unleashed (Broken Robot Productions / So Comedy / Basil Brush Limited)
Marc Jennings: Getting Going (Marc Jennings)
The Greatest Magic Show (Showmen Productions)
Glenn Moore: Love Don't Live Here Glenny Moore (Avalon Management)
Kelly Convey: Telephone Voice (Off The Kerb Productions)
Langston Kerman: The Loose Cannon (Rabbit Rabbit)
Sparkle (Annie Cusick Wood, Honolulu Theatre Production supported by Catherine Wheels)
Captain Jake And The Search For The Red Queen (Stories Alive)
Shit (MILKE and Dee & Cornelius)
Knock Knock (Hot Coals Theatre)
Piramania! The Swashbuckling Pirate Musical (Sloshed Theatre)
The Carpenters Songbook (Night Owl Shows)
Christopher Macarthur-Boyd: Dreamboat (Off The Kerb Productions)
With Child (Claire Pointing)
Fix Us (Bareface)
Fix Us (Bareface)10 August 2019

Conversations With Van Gogh (Echoes Theatre)
Blodeuwedd Untold (Jo Blake / Pleasance / Royal & Derngate Northampton)
Lucy Pearman: Baggage (United Agents)
Archie Henderson: Jazz Emu (Archie Henderson)
Abbie Murphy: Eat Sleep Shit Shag (Hatch Talent)
Can You See Where I'm Coming From? (Melanie Branton / PBH's Free Fringe)
Whose Mind Is It Anyway? (Whose Mind Is It Anyway?)
Sukh Ojla: For Sukh's Sake (Noel Gay Presents...)
Ben Verth: Sh*tegeist (Ben Verth)
Monsoon Season (Thieriot Productions and All For One)
Cream Tea And Incest (Peracals Productions)
Yuriko Kotani: Somosomo (Mick Perrin Worldwide)
House Of Hundred (Yesim Ozsoy Galata Perform Tiyatrosu - Turkey)
Will Duggan: Class Two (Will Duggan)
Rosie Jones: Backward (Off The Kerb Productions)
Renaissance Music From Scotland And England (Byrd International Singers)
Cathedral Lunchtime Concerts – Free (St Mary's Cathedral)
Olaf Falafel: Knitting With Maracas (Olaf Falafel)