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Neither Here Nor There (Jo Fong / Sonia Hughes)

By | Published on Tuesday 27 August 2019

More of a social experiment than performance. The participants sit in pairs and are given topics (on cards) to talk about for a full six minutes. These are interspersed with a couple of discursive monologues by the organisers and at one point by music to which we must listen to silently. What emerges from the exchanges are the deep levels of community and shared experience. What underpins the event is the importance of really listening; something which we may be losing in the era of smart phones. This is a thought provoking and interesting project which was a success in this instance; the nervous uncertainty of the opening minutes was – by the end – transformed into the buzz of lively chatter.

Summerhall, run ended.
tw rating 3/5 | [Charlie Ellis]