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Cabaret Of Curiosities (Tatwood Puppets)

By | Published on Tuesday 13 August 2019

Tucked away in the tent outside theSpace @ Symposium Hall, ‘Cabaret Of Curiosities’ is the kind of unexpected late-day Fringe delight you feel pleased to have discovered. An array of puppets, piloted by two skilled performers, present a variety show encompassing magic, clowning, storytelling and more. The character Edgar, a former performer and now the show’s cleaner, is the breakout star, proving to be wonderfully expressive and surprisingly acrobatic puppet. With constant shifts in style and medium, the sprightly forty-five minutes rush by. Also, even the simplest magic tricks become several orders of magnitude more impressive when performed by a puppet whose operators are behind an opaque black screen. I have no idea how they did some of it.

theSpace @ Symposium Hall, until 24 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Jon Stapley]