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Rhys Nicholson – Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations (Underbelly in association with Casarotto Ramsey Management)

By | Published on Sunday 11 August 2019

With his flash of red hair and sharp suit, Rhys Nicholson is certainly a distinctive character, while his caustic wit and talent for storytelling leave you hanging on his every word. I honestly think I could listen to him read out a shopping list and would find it entertaining. The material in this hour is highly personal: from facing homophobia (the show’s title references some scathing feedback he received), to worrying about ageing (he’s at the scary age of 29), to adopting a dog that seems to hate him, Nicholson’s witty delivery as he pokes fun at himself – and of course others – is endlessly entertaining. He’s unapologetic about who he is and, with the confidence he displays, it’s hard not to be enchanted. 

Underbelly Bristo Square, until 25 Aug.
tw rating 5/5 | [Daisy Malt]