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Buffering (Jenny Laville and Pauline Eyre)

By | Published on Friday 9 August 2019

“I’m buffering, I feel like I’m constantly waiting for stuff to happen,” says Pauline Eyre – one of two performers in this middle-aged take on dealing with parenthood. Both she and Jenny Laville feel like they are the ‘buffer’ between their parents and their kids. Laville and Eyre are totally contrasting – the former is enduring a break-up phase while the latter is happily married; the former is collected and sharp in her comedy, whereas the latter’s rowdy presentation can only bring a sing-song about pelvic floor exercises for entertainment. ‘Buffering’ includes loose instances of dialogue together, but the pairing in this double bill falls flat. This review would read very differently if Laville was doing her own show – and maybe she should.

Sweet Grassmarket, until 11 Aug.
tw rating 2/5 [Kieran Scott]