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Wireless Operator (Silksheen Productions)

By | Published on Friday 9 August 2019

This tense, claustrophobic presentation of a flight team’s final bombing run, set during the Second World War, captures the harrowing experience wonderfully. Thomas Dennis is fantastic as John, the sole presence on stage. Interacting only with the distant voices of his crew, he hangs from the set, alone in the darkness. As the mission progresses – and the tension rises – he experiences memories, flashes of dialogue with his pregnant sweetheart. Most effectively, at times the perspective switches, as though the mission (and the play) are the memories haunting John after the war, forcing him to relive the feelings of fear and guilt that torment him. A powerfully poignant tribute to those who lost their lives, and those who survived, albeit scarred. 

Pleasance Courtyard, until 26 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Andy Leask]