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Crybabies: Danger Brigade (Crybabies in association with PBJ Management)

By | Published on Tuesday 6 August 2019

To call this show absurd would be a gross understatement. Set against the backdrop of WWII, the play follows our three improbably named protagonists on an adventure behind enemy lines that’s part-Python, part ‘Dad’s Army’, and part ‘Indiana Jones’. Their mission: kill a deranged Nazi scientist – what’s not to love? With its fourth-wall-breaking, multi-rolling, madcap comedy it promises laughs from start to finish. There’s no doubt it is at times unpolished, but this type of comedy profits from having an edge to it, and the cast’s talent clearly shines through. While the dark and nonsensical humour won’t be for everyone, for those who like their comedy on the wacky side, this is right on target.

Heroes @ Boteco, until 25 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Will Norris]