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Chords To Dream Of Love With (The Folk Orchestra Of Hangzhou Jiangnan Experimental School Of Zhejiang)

By | Published on Thursday 8 August 2019

After the speeches were made, these young performers with their traditional Chinese instruments commanded the stage. For a western musician it was fascinating to hear these intriguing instruments with their diverse techniques in a multimedia setting, with films depicting the areas where the music originated and the inspiration behind the compositions. There were light-hearted moments too, notably a troupe of toddlers dressed as cats dancing to Leroy Anderson’s ‘The Syncopated Clock’. The musical interaction and poise of the flutes impressed me in ‘Running the Boat’ and the daruan solo ‘Camel Bells on the Silk Road’ was very evocative. This was a sonic window into another world but also a school concert – a pleasing mixture of the familiar and the unfamiliar.

Venue 50 at EICC, 4 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Louise Rodgers]