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Amy Howerska: Serious Face (Amy Howerska)

By | Published on Saturday 17 August 2019

Amy Howerska has moved to the US for marital reasons. Aside from culture clash observations, the first half of her set is mostly upbeat stuff about being happily in love, not only with her husband but also with his family, and Howerska owns it all winningly. The latter half contrasts the experience of her new extended family with her issues with her own folks. This is the ‘serious face’ bit from which the show derives its title. Things do lose their way (and the audience) a little then, though there’s a pretty memorable coda. Howerska weaves engaging vignettes, punctuated with plenty of good and well-timed gags. It was worth her coming back over the pond, and not just so she could do a Shakespeare’s Sister bit.

Laughing Horse @ Three Sisters, until 25 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Bruce Blacklaw]