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Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster (Battersea Arts Centre and BAC Beatbox Academy)

By | Published on Thursday 15 August 2019

A beatbox ‘concept album’ version of Frankenstein. Sounds shit, no? The familiar tale updated and refreshed with a 21st century urban perspective – ok, interesting. The young cast are introduced and we’re given a bit of a primer on beatboxing. Sounds kind of fun. They’ve chosen how to present and make the story their own and – increasingly hard to credit as we progress – it is only their voices we hear. Getting good, this. Those voices are excellent, the beat-boxing concocts terrific walls of noise and rhythm, cracking singing too. OK, you got me. I’m into this. And so’s everyone else – huge and very well-deserved ovations. And that’s kind of how this Frankenstein works, building up, layer by layer to something gleefully astonishing.

Traverse Theatre, until 25 Aug
tw rating: 5/5 | Bruce Blacklaw