Interviews from Edinburgh Festival 2012

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Check out all the people we interviewed at Edinburgh Festival 2012, plus meet those performers who did the ThreeWeeks Quick Quiz.


Hunt & Darton: Discover what’s on the menu
Linn Lorkin: Meet the Fringe’s Piano Bar Lady
Juliana Carneiro: All aboard with the magnificent Théâtre du Soleil
Molly Naylor: In the middle with a robot heart
Peter Michael Marino: Desperately seeking Peter
Luke Toulson: Not getting argumentative
Chris McCausland: Shattering expectations
John Robins: Into the real comedy zone
Vikki Stone: Hot and messy
DeAnne Smith: The sweet life
Hartley Kemp, C Venues: The Venue Directors
Kekoa Kaluhiokalani, Gryphon Venues: The Venue Directors
Lucia & Scot: On that flamenco bug
The Flanagan Collective: Somewhere between this world and the next
Jonathan Prag: The secrets of classical guitar
Tricity Vogue: Ukulele chat
Jackinabox Productions: Playing with memories
Dan Nightingale: Well conceived notions?
Tony Law: Nonsense to the max
The Ginge, The Geordie & The Geek: Standing out from the crowd
Molly Taylor: Transported to the Fringe
The Alchemist Theatre: An isolated territory
Winston Ruddle: The Fringe's
Rhys Darby: He should definitely be here
Drennon Davis: Pajamas on for imaginary radio chat
Sarah Kendall: Stands up
Carol Tambor: A Fringe love affair
Jane Bom-Bane: High hats and harmoniums
Gael Le Cornec: Understanding Claudel
Hannah Gadsby: Art, history, marriage and Mary
Casual Violence: Doing comedy casually and violently
Tara Kilbourne and Darren Neale, Greenside: The Venue Directors
Mark Grist: The rogue rap battler reveals all
Angelin Preljocaj: Hidden talents help create a thousand years of peace
Doug Segal: Reading minds and influencing people at the Fringe
Chilly Gonzales: Talk of the town
Rhod Gilbert: Liberating stand-up
Phill Jupitus & Thom Tuck: Fringe comedians form a theatrical Coalition
William Burdett-Coutts, Assembly: The Venue Directors
Adam Alton, Bedlam: The Venue Directors
Jonathan Mills: The EIF Director
Charles Pamment, Space Venues: The Venue Directors