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Vikki Stone: Hot and messy

By | Published on Tuesday 21 August 2012

Vikki Stone

After a very successful Fringe debut in 2011, Vikki Stone is back wowing ticket-buyers and ThreeWeeks reviewers alike with her show ‘Hot Mess’. ThreeWeeks caught up with Vikki to find out just how hot the mess really was…

CC: Last year was your Edinburgh debut, how did it go?
VS: I didn’t really know how it was going to turn out, but it ended up being loads of fun, and the show got a great response. So I had a great time, and couldn’t wait to return.

CC: Tell us about ‘Hot Mess’.
VS: ‘Hot Mess’ is a musical comedy show with a grand piano and a lot of mayhem. The title is pretty accurate in terms of what the evening consists of. I get hot and sweaty, and by the end of the show both me and the stage are a bit of mess.

CC: How has the Festival been going so far?
VS: I couldn’t have wished for a better time this year. The shows have pretty much sold out every night so far, but extra tickets are being released each day. I’m also doing some special late night extra shows on the weekend. So obviously I’m thrilled. The audiences have been amazing. They really enter into the slightly anarchic nature of the show from the start.

CC: You trained at The Royal Academy Of Music, did you originally intend to pursue a career in music, or did you always plan to combine music with comedy?
VS: I trained as a classical musician from the age of six, so grew up with music. I then got into theatre when I was a bit older, and then trained as an actor. I found that those two things helped me when I finally gave comedy a go, but it wasn’t part of any master plan!

CC: The Sunday Herald called you “a Viz version of Kate Nash” and “Bette Midler for the Adele generation” – which of those do you prefer?
VS: Oh, without a doubt, the Bette Midler quote. I LOVE Bette. In fact ‘Beaches’ is my all time favourite film. It always gets me blubbing like a baby. Her live concerts are amazingly funny too.

CC: As you mentioned, you act as well. Can you see yourself doing some theatre at the Fringe one year?
VS: I’ve done a lot of theatre over the years, and I do want to bring up a theatre piece to the Fringe at some point, quite likely a musical. Not next year but maybe the year after!

CC: We remember The Flashbacks from last year’s show. Will they be making an appearance during the Festival?
VS: The Flashbacks were the band that I had for my show last year, but I’ve gone solo this year! Though Matt the drummer can be seen in Loretta Maine’s show this Festival.

CC: Have you had time to see any other shows this Festival? Are there any stand-outs?
VS: I saw Marcel Lucont the other night, which was very funny. Other recommendations would be Tania Edwards and Daniel Kitson. I really want to see Charlie Baker and Roisin Conaty, but I’m on at the same time as their shows unfortunately!

CC: What are your plans for the rest of the year?
VS: Well, straight after Edinburgh I’ll be touring the show and doing festivals. I’m looking forward to Bestival in particular. I’m also filming a few bits for a new BBC1 show, and then the cycle starts again with developing material for next year’s show!

CC: I’m pretty sure I’ve see you in some ads recently – is there a product you’d like to be the official celebrity ambassador of?
VS: Oh yes! I have done my fair share of embarrassing products. But if I had a choice I’d be the ambassador for Viennetta. They could just pay me in ice cream.

Vikki Stone performed ‘Hot Mess’ at Underbelly Bristo Square at Fringe 2012. 

LINKS: www.vikkistone.com