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Tony Law: Nonsense to the max

By | Published on Wednesday 15 August 2012

Tony Law

Comedian Tony Law is a Fringe veteran, not to mention a Fringe favourite, and not just with us lot here at ThreeWeeks. If you haven’t heard of him you a: must be pretty new to the Festival and b: need to get along to his show as soon as you can, no nonsense…

CC: Your Fringe blurb promises us the ‘meaning of life’ in your new show. Well, sort of. Do you know the meaning of life?
TL: Try and not be a dick. I fail daily, but I try. I attempt to be kind. And keep trying. Oh the meaning????? Ask Coldplay!

CC: What’s the plan with new show ‘Maximum Nonsense’, tell us more.
TL: It’s about identity and comedy, all wrapped up in a nonsense blanket. People who have watched a lot of comedy and know their onions tend to love it, noticing stuff, whatever their age. People who are newer to comedy see a crazy jumpy moving man! I’m happy about that. So the plan is up at the top of this answer.

CC: How does it compare to last year’s show (which was excellent by the way)?
TL: It’s like a step forward. Moving a little onwards. Attempting to be original (impossible) and funny for an hour, and maybe making some points along the way without being the preachy, obvious twat that I can sometimes be.

CC: As a comedian, does Edinburgh provide the impetus to create a new show?
TL: Abso-fricking-lootley. The yearly panic begins around September 1st.

CC: There are very complimentary quotes from Stewart Lee, Adam Buxton and Sean Lock on your website. Would you like to return the favour?
TL: Heroes. Each one of them. Completely different but funny bones in all. Not craftsman but naturally funny wizards. Funny in life. Just funny. And smart. So not just funny. Funny funny smart. I lack a vocabu…

CC: Do you share Stewart’s well documented concerns about the continued growth of the more commercial end of the Fringe, or do you prefer to stay out of such debate?
TL: I have my head too far up my own arse to give a shit. I’m doing my own thing. I need things to bang up against. So put up as many giant posters as you like. I shan’t be. Got kids to feed and clothe. And make sure they’re better educated than their silly father.

CC: As a Stand performer, it must be exciting being part of a Fringe enterprise with a big new sister venue next door?
TL: It’s great. The more stuff on this side of town the better. Tommy and all those guys are decent folks with the best intentions. Looking after the acts and treating us all like adults. Weird drinks sponsor this year though. What the hell is it?

CC: Would you like to do something a little more theatrical again at a future Fringe? (We still fondly remember The Dinks).
TL: Ahhh The Dinks. I think I am doing that right now on my own. Maybe someday, with someone who lives near me. Lots of amazing mental acts coming through doing great odd stuff.

CC: And we saw your brief cameo in Tim FitzHigham and Tiernan Douieb’s kids’ show last Festival – have you ever considered doing a show for children?
TL: Nah. I swear too much. Plus, I do that with my own kids everyday and it’s knackering. And I loathe kids.

CC: Your Fringe blurb also promises clichés. What are your worst Fringe clichés?
TL: Posters. All the genius’s’s’s here. People who write “on at a time that doesn’t conflict with shows you actually want to see?” – not a cliché but just rude. And a pointless thing to say. Knob. Comics who act self deprecating but really actually think they’re ok. See above. Knob.

Tony Law performed ‘Maximum Nonsense’ at The Stand at Fringe 2012. 

LINKS: www.mrtonylaw.com

Photo: Stuart Armitt