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Tim FitzHigham: Quick Quiz

By | Published on Thursday 28 June 2012

Tim Fitzhigham

ThreeWeeks Editors’ Award winning Fringe marvel Tim FitzHigham returns to the Festival with a brand new show ‘Stop The Pigeon’ featuring “his most dangerous gamble yet”. Intrigued? Us too. All will be revealed on 1 Aug at the Pleasance Courtyard.
He also returns with his Fringe institution of a show ‘Flanders and…’; oh hang on, knowing that fact might ruin something. And as if preparing for two Fringe shows wasn’t enough, Tim is one of the comedians taking part in the Pleasance Ahoy canal journey in the run up to this year’s festival. But, still time for some Quick Quiz answering…

TW: Tell us about your 2012 show in no more than 60 words.
TF: It’s the toughest bet in history – and I’m going to try and win it without losing my house, mind, any body parts, animals, wife or reputation…unlike the last time.

TW: Tell us about another show or performer you’re looking forward to seeing this year.
TF: ‘Flanders And Swann’ – it’s in the Pleasance Courtyard every day for the whole of the Fringe and it’s been a smash hit every single year for the last five years, but I’ve been really busy when it’s been on. This year I’m going to get a mirror and go and see it. I can’t wait. I love the songs (‘Mud, Mud Glorious Mud’, ‘The Gasman Cometh’, ‘I’m A Gnu’ and so on). They are the greatest double act in history and this is the very best version of their songs out there – so that’s the one for me!

TW: How will you be preparing for the Fringe this year?
TF: See answer number one – I will be trying to not lose all those things. I’ll also be training a pigeon to go further, faster and better than any pigeon has ever gone before. It’s going to be amazing I think and I can’t wait!

TW: What advice would you have for someone coming to the Fringe for the first time?
TF: Don’t get trench foot. Sometimes the weather can turn and I remember the year one of the people giving out flyers got trench foot. Rule One for anywhere in Britain: It’s summer so pack your wellies!
Festival Rule Two: If you’ve never seen Tim FitzHigham ask someone about him.
Festival Rule Three: If someone asks you about Tim FitzHigham, say “he’s a festival institution, you must go and see his show – it’s called ‘Stop The Pigeon’ – go now it’s great”.

TW: If your show was an Olympic sport, what would it be and why?
TF: The 100m sprint but with everyone wearing concrete slippers and piggy backing a rhino – because it’s the most hotly anticipated event (history’s toughest gamble) but made incredibly hard (…you’ve guessed it…the concrete slippers and passenger rhino).

Tim FitzHigham performed ‘Stop The Pigeon’ and ‘Flanders And Swann’ at Pleasance Courtyard at Fringe 2012. 

LINK: www.fitzhigham.com