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Frimston And Rowett: Quick Quiz

By | Published on Monday 16 July 2012

Frimston And Rowett

“A whirl of tight sketches that never overstay their welcome” said ThreeWeeks of this duo’s 2011 show, and now they’re back with their self-proclaimed “difficult second album”. We expect another helping of fine sketch comedy. But first, some Quick Quiz answers.

TW: Tell us about your 2012 show in no more than 60 words.
F&R: On one level it’s a straightforward sketch show, but at the same time it’s kind of a sketch show about putting on a sketch show, and the trials of existing as a double act.

TW: Tell us about another show or performer you’re looking forward to seeing this year.
F&R: ‘Angels In Heels’ (at the Edinburgh City Football Club). It’s a piece of new writing by a friend of ours premiering as part of the Free Festival. The script is brilliant, and we’re really excited to see it staged.

TW: How will you be preparing for the Fringe this year?
F&R: By drinking raw eggs, punching slabs of meat, and running through the streets of Philadelphia with dozens of excited children at our heels. The show’s not written yet, but if anyone challenges us to a boxing match they won’t know what’s hit them.

TW: What advice would you have for someone coming to the Fringe for the first time?
F&R: Don’t challenge Frimston And Rowett to a boxing match.

TW: If your show was an Olympic sport, what would it be and why?
F&R: Table Tennis. Because our target audience is people who couldn’t get tickets for anything else.

Frimston and Rowett’s ‘Huge Mistakes’ was performed at Just The Tonic at The Caves at Fringe 2012. 

LINKS: www.frimstonandrowett.com