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Paul F Taylor, The Pauly Show: Quick Quiz

By | Published on Wednesday 27 June 2012

Paul F Taylor

“Gleeful and insistent silliness” said a ThreeWeeks reviewer of offbeat stand-up Paul F Taylor. And that silliness will presumably be on the menu once again as he brings his ramshackle sitcom pilot, ‘The Pauly Show’, to the Just The Tonic stage this August. We fired the Quick Quiz in his direction…

TW: Tell us about your 2012 show in no more than 60 words.
PT: It is a live sitcom pilot staring myself that I’m hoping is going to be picked up for TV. Come to meet ‘The Pauly Show’s hilarious reoccurring characters and see me weave my stand-up routines around my day-to-day life. Then stay to see the whole thing collapse spectacularly.

TW: Tell us about another show or performer you’re looking forward to seeing this year.
PT: I’m quite keen to see ‘Pappys: Last Show Ever’ (at Pleasance Dome). I think I read somewhere that it’s their last show ever.

TW: How will you be preparing for the Fringe this year?
PT: For a month before leaving I’ll be getting into my shower fully dressed twice a day in what I call ‘weather acclimatisation’.

TW: What advice would you have for someone coming to the Fringe for the first time?
PT: Kebabs and Irn Bru are not part of your five a day.

TW: If your show was an Olympic sport, what would it be and why?
PT: Hurdles. It’s fun to watch someone doing well for a bit, but it’s best when they trip up and land on their face.

‘The Pauly Show – Episode One’ was performed at Just The Tonic at The Tron at Fringe 2012.

LINK: www.what-the-f.co.uk