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Craig Campbell: Quick Quiz

By | Published on Tuesday 19 June 2012

Craig Campbell

Fifteen years ago Craig Campbell and two other Canadian stand-ups – Glenn Wool and Stewart Francis – made their Edinburgh debuts at The Stand.
To mark the anniversary, all three are reuniting for one show this August, ‘Return Of The Lumberjacks – Back By Poplar Demand’ (35% of the world’s poplar trees being in Canada, in case you wondered). It’s being staged at The Stand’s big new festival haunt, the Assembly Rooms on George Street. We put the ThreeWeeks Quick Quiz questions to Craig…

TW: Tell us about your 2012 show in no more than 60 words.
CC: It’s a singing, dancing and carrying-on show about the working (something that used to happen after schooling) life of lumberjacks during the winter season, and the challenges that befall them in their struggle to remain happy logger chappys, as the title somewhat and the poster more-so vividly implies.

TW: Tell us about another show or performer you’re looking forward to seeing this year.
CC: ‘Ladyboys Of Bangkok (every night), because we love the experience of being titillated to the point of ejaculation (and sometimes past it.. Glenn tsk tsk) by ladies who it turns out, in the end, are boys. It’s so much like home that when we close our eyes it feels and smells like being surrounded by loggers in the forest and that’s nice.

TW: How will you be preparing for the Fringe this year?
CC: By ramping up our already high protein diet to a higher protein diet. We ‘jacks’ just sit around the tent feeding each other anything high in protein that we can find/catch; fish or ducks (sometimes caught during our morning scrub-up), eggs that come down with the trees that we murder and, much less commonly, peanut butter. Once we’re all full of protein we find it’s loads (;-)) easier to take on an evening of shenanigans!

TW: What advice would you have for someone coming to the Fringe for the first time?
CC: Start in a very small room at The Stand. It seemed to work pretty well for us.

TW: If your show was an Olympic sport what would it be and why?
CC: It would be like a four man bobsled because there’s four of us (with our special nightly guest?!?), we’re in lycra with our crotches jammed too tightly together (or not tightly enough depending on which jack yer talkin’ to?!?), hurtling down a windy icy track towards an unsightly celebration of dancing around and punching the air, with balls wobbling about, while hardly anyone watches.

‘Return Of The Lumberjacks’ was performed at The Assembly Rooms at Fringe 2012. 

LINKS: www.craigcampbell.info – www.glennwool.com – www.stewartfrancis.com