The Edinburgh Festival 2021

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A streamlined Edinburgh Festival is being staged in August 2021 as COVID regulations around the world start to relax. Five festivals take place over the month, presenting both in-person and online shows to choose from.

Over 670 shows have been confirmed for the Edinburgh Fringe, with 428 in-person shows being presented in venues across the city, alongside a selection of digital experiences from a plethora of Fringe venues and performers.

The Edinburgh International Festival is presenting over 170 performances this year, with mainly in-person shows in Edinburgh, but with a number of full-length performances also available free online.

The Edinburgh International Book Festival is also presenting a mixture of in-person and online events during the second half of Edinburgh’s festival month, with its physical base at the Edinburgh College Of Art.

The Edinburgh Art Festival this year offers over 35 exhibitions and commissions to choose from, again both in-person and online.

And finally, the Edinburgh International Film Festival returns to an August slot, with both real world and online screenings, the former based around the Filmhouse and a complex in St Andrews Square.

ThreeWeeks will be recommending and reviewing shows as always, plus we’ll be interviewing some of the people performing and producing. Check out all our coverage here online and via our TW Weekly email bulletin.



Sacred Arts Festival At St Vincent’s: Olivier Messiaen’s Quartet For The End Of Time (Calum Robertson, director and clarinet)
When Judas Met John (Brothers Broke)
One-Hand Piano (Stefan Warzycki)
The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano (Los Rivax Project)
Metamorphosis (Hijinx)
Cathedral Choir Concert: Fauré Requiem (St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral Choir)
Tom Mayhew: From Rags to Slightly Newer Rags
Leo Kearse: Cancel Culture (Leo Kearse)
Paul Currie: Teet
Paul Currie: Teet17 August 2021

Through Bush, Through Briar (Achy Bits Productions)
Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience (Ensemble Mik Nawooj)
The Carole King And James Taylor Story (Night Owl Shows)
Sounds On Saturday – Organ Colours 4 (Jordan English)
Meet Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking (Wizard Presents)
Comedy Club 4 Kids
Comedy Club 4 Kids17 August 2021

Just These Please: No Worries If Not (Just These Please)
The Big Birthday Show with Magic Gareth (Magic Gareth)
The Garden Of Delights (Theatre Alba)
Neu! Reekie! (Neu! Reekie!)
Pashyanti On Guitar (Simon Thacker)
C*nt (Becky Fury)
C*nt (Becky Fury)13 August 2021

Vignettes Of A Pestilence (Actors Repertory Theatre Luxembourg)
Charlie’s A Clepto (Axis Ballymun and Dublin Port Company)
Sugar (Mabel Thomas)
Sugar (Mabel Thomas)13 August 2021

Cash Point Meet by Niamh Murphy (Obstreperous Young Ladies)
Sweet FA (This Is My Story Productions)
Deserted Shores / Negative Photographs (GalataPerform)
How Do You Know You Are Home? (Aliki Tsakoumi)
Call Me Elizabeth (Kayla Boye)
Funbox: Back At The Fringe (DH Productions)
You Choose (Nonsense Room Productions)
El Greco Of Hornsey (Olga Thompson)
Music, Poetry & Silence For Healing At Greyfriars
Laurel Canyon Legends (Night Owl Shows)
Simon & Garfunkel Through The Years (Bookends)
Cathedral Lunchtime Concerts – Free (St Mary’s Cathedral)