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Leo Kearse: Cancel Culture (Leo Kearse)

By | Published on Tuesday 17 August 2021

Full disclosure: I was never likely to find myself in total agreement with ‘right wing comedian’ and Reclaim electoral candidate Leo Kearse. First, the comedy. It’s funny. Gags, story-telling, darkness, provocative observations and a liberal – libertarian, even – dose of filth, all well delivered. Some bits might well cross some people’s lines: so be it. The polemic… hmm. Freedom of speech and the causing, receiving and indeed seeking of offense are live issues which it’s right – and Kearse absolutely has the right – to critically scrutinise and there are some fair points. However,  the tendency to wrap up various absurdities as what ‘woke people’ say in order to set up an army of straw men to be torn down kind of undermines the pretence of nuance. So no, I didn’t agree. Totally. But, this is a comedy review, and there are enough laughs here that you could always go along and decide for yourself…

Laughing Horse @ Free Sisters, until 29 Aug  
tw rating 3/5 | [Bruce Blacklaw]