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Paul Currie: Teet

By | Published on Tuesday 17 August 2021

We humans like to think we’re evolved, but we’re not really. There’s a long way to go. For now, we suckle at the teat of mother nature whilst doing her and ourselves untold harm. That’s the serious bit of Paul Currie’s show, the rest is relentless, fun foolishness. Kind of a one-man sketch show with a series of props, pop song riffs and surrealism, there’s a lot going on, to the extent that he has a ‘set list’ on the floor to keep him right. As he says himself, “been ages since I’ve done this. How do you even rehearse this shit?” Fair enough. It’s up and down and sometimes on the edge of all over the place, but there’s plenty of amusement to be had.

The Hive, until 29 Aug. 
tw rating 3/5 | [Bruce Blacklaw]