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Vignettes Of A Pestilence (Actors Repertory Theatre Luxembourg)

By | Published on Friday 13 August 2021

Creating an emotional connection remotely, through video calls, is hard. One would expect an online drama, presented as a series of video-chats, to explore that issue; sadly, while these three short plays suffer from the digital disconnect, they seem uninterested in exploring it. The delivery is slightly stilted, which fits online chats, often filled with hesitations and staccato dialogue. But in a performance, it jars. Indeed, that’s both the strength and weakness of these plays: they feel very relatable, an accurate reflection of living through the pandemic, separated from loved ones. A realistic slice of pandemic life. But they don’t bring anything new or say anything about the experience, and in pursuing authenticity the script and performances feel ironically artificial.

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tw rating 2/5 | [Andy Leask]