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Just These Please: No Worries If Not (Just These Please)

By | Published on Tuesday 17 August 2021

August traditionally heralds the great northerly migration of the sketch troupe. This year, though, there are only a couple in the Fringe programme. Just These Please are surely amongst the best of them. No, really – they are good. Smart transitions, whimsical highlights including the Last Supper, the Beatles and middle-class orgies, among many others, all interspersed with silly songs – including a memorable paean to the pillar in the middle of the venue – and clever gags. Not everything lands just right, and it’s not just the orgies which come off phenomenally middle class, but still, well worth catching. (And I didn’t end this with ‘no worries if not’…)

Gilded Balloon, until 21 Aug 
tw rating 3/5 | [Bruce Blacklaw]