ED2021 Children's Shows Reviews

Comedy Club 4 Kids

By | Published on Tuesday 17 August 2021

Host and compere Eleanor Morton kicks things off with a bit of stand-up for kids. Relatable observational stuff, like “have you ever noticed how your parents are always tired” and numerous references to mummy and daddy’s wine, before doing a bit of audience banter. Do your parents have any weird hobbies? Apparently mine is “being annoying”… The first act she introduces is Log, a two-person extended sketch which is honestly tricky to describe as anything other than a bit of a headfuck. Then Mister Fibbers comes on and does a short set of silly songs with some enthusiastic crowd participation. Now, I’m not sure I actually saw many kids laughing a lot but still, a pleasingly chaotic hour.

Assembly Roxy, until 22 Aug 
tw rating 3/5 | [Bruce Blacklaw]