Interviews from Edinburgh Festival 2016

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Casting Call Woe: Audition nightmares relived
Melanie Gall: Come meet the Opera Mouse
Phil Jerrod: Hypocrite on the Fringe
Joe DeRosa: Moving forward at the Fringe
Gideon Irving: From the living rooms of the world to the Edinburgh Fringe
Phil Dunning: Meet the People's Prince
Mary Lynn Rajskub: 24 star Fringe
Shôn Dale-Jones: Hoipolloi and The Duke
Delia Olam: Finding Tahiri
Photo Shoot: Gideon Irving
Patrick Monahan: Quizzing the kids with Story Pocket Theatre
Frances M Lynch: Singing the praises of scientists
zazU: Punning in a parallel universe
Andrea Walker: Back at the Fringe with Smother
Juliette Burton: Decisions, decisions
Tim Renkow: A very brief history of him
Njambi McGrath: One-liners, big issues
Mark Watson: Who is, in fact, here
Martha McBrier: Back at the Fringe with stories to share
Hui-Chen Tan: The secret language of NuShu
This Glorious Monster: Glorious wrong uns
Goodbear: Sketching out your Fringe day
Robert Shaw: Inside intelligence on the Fringe’s new play thriller
Jonny & The Baptists: A bit of politics and ping pong
Holly&Ted: Girl power pond style
Andrew Bridge: For aartistic effect
Sarah Hehir: Zeroing in on zero hours contracts
Matt Winning: Space in the future
Lucy Garland: Making a path through the forest
Tim Carlsen: Creating Moko
Helen Duff: Just go with her
Amelia Ryan: With love to Lady Liberty
Kid Carpet: Building castles on the Fringe
Ball-Zee: Gobsmacking the Fringe
Amée Smith: It's all about her