Columns from Edinburgh Festival 2012

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Gareth Morinan Fringe Blog: Why short people aren’t funny
Flashmob Fringe Blog: The benefits and pitfalls of reality TV
Catie Wilkins: Badly named things
Fleming’s Fringe: Time for a rather late publicity push
Lynn’s Letter To Edinburgh: See the city and try a few new twists
Up & Over It Fringe Blog: Why Irish dance is cooler than hip hop
John Robertson Fringe Blog: How To Seduce A Monarch
Lou Sanders Fringe Blog: How to get publicity for your show
Marny Godden Fringe Blog: Some twisted folk
Barbershopera Fringe Blog: All for One and One for All
La JohnJoseph Fringe Blog: Dressing for success at the Edinburgh Festival
Al Pitcher Fringe Blog: Edinburgh Olympics of comedy, dreams and broken hope
Temple Theatre: It’s all Greek to me - the myths demythtified
Morgan & West: A magical mystery tour
Lynn’s Letter To Edinburgh: Now it’s time to enjoy yourself
Fleming’s Fringe: Seeking some stunts most cunning
Asher Treleaven Fringe Blog: Autobiographical show
Marek Larwood: Roll up, roll up, let’s save the planet
Fleming’s Fringe: Is Auntie stealing your bums on seat?
The Ruby Dolls: Get cast away
Lynn's Letter To Edinburgh: Make the very most of it
Simon Evans: Antarctic inspiration for a Fringe adventure