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Lou Sanders Fringe Blog: How to get publicity for your show

By | Published on Sunday 19 August 2012

Lou Sanders

Lou Sanders has some Festival publicity tips in her Fringe Blog.

OK, so you want the publicity yes; radio shout outs, a much coveted slot on Breakfast TV, reading materials you can scan and send to Uncle Michael? OK, fine… shake yourself out and listen up:

Singing, dancing, dressing up – DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A PLAY GROUP? You’d get more attention not doing those things on the Royal Mile. No, we need to think outside of the hexagon (and it seems like I’ve already started).

Here’s some ideas to help you:

1. Only wear yellow
This is a fun little number. It does involve a bit of pre-planning wardrobe wise – and also you’d better hope that you are a summer palette, otherwise yellow is very unforgiving. Maybe get your colours done first to check. You don’t want to do what Sally did and spend £545 on a new yellow wardrobe, only to find that she was a winter colour palette on the ‘Colour me Beautiful’ chart spectrum. Silly Sally! So get organised, pray for the best and GO FOR IT!

Actually before I get down to the high street, what are the benefits I hear you murmur? Well, yes it’s an understated move but you’ll soon get tongues waggling in all the right ways; “Who’s the girl / guy who only wears yellow” they’ll say. “And why?” they’ll ask. Eager to get to know this mysterious, eccentric beast with sunshine in their hearts and on their trousers, you’ll soon be the talk of the town. I once knew a lady that only ever wore pink – but that is a story for another time.

2. Waft a loaded gun
Separate yourself from the crowd – with violence and or threatened violence. Wafting a gun around has its own merits, obviously. Send a few shots off in to the sky – just so they know you mean business and the gun is indeed loaded.

This is a real brave manoeuvre – it says, I’m loud, I’m here – see my show!

So you’ve got a gun; what next? Hold someone hostage – the more high profile the better. Perhaps another performer; a famous comic or one of the Hamiltons. This has the added advantage of getting publicity for their show. So while they might be scared for their life and mildly inconvenienced – at least their ticket sales are going through the roof. So are their refunds as they’re not going to make the shows, but if you know anything about good manners, you’ll release them on the 3rd night.

3. Refuse to do any press
This is pretty funny if no one knows who you are and people will love your renegade approach and then perhaps, and it is a long shot, but perhaps they will get annoyed and write about you anyway. I mean you don’t see Banksy scratching around to do free online Q&A’s – doesn’t need to does he? He’s played the mysterious card and they’ve walked straight in to his graffiti-ed trap. Good work Banksy. I don’t know how the crafty bugger has time to think this stuff up in addition to the rats etc on the walls.

If you’ve tried all these things and for some reason you’re still not making the news, then you could kill yourself, we all know someone who this has worked for – oldest trick in the book. We all do it sooner or later – why not be in the ‘ACTION TODAY’ camp!

Happy PR-ing! Xx

Lou Sanders performed ‘And Now For A Nice Evening With Wallan’ at Pleasance Courtyard at Fringe 2012.