When I heard about the 'Steve Reich Project' - a music, media and dance piece on at Dance Base this month - I was intrigued to find out more. The show uses the work of composer Steve Reich as a jumping off point for what sounds like a truly fascinating exposition of a number of interesting themes.

The project is a collaboration between Belgian musical outfit MP4 Quartet and renowned also-Belgian choreographer and artist Isabella Soupart. I spoke to Isabella to find out more about what to expect from the show, what inspired it, and who the performers are.

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'Steve Reich Project' is on at Dance Base from 2-18 Aug. Listing here.
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This summer we are asking some of our favourite Fringe people to offer their advice - sometimes sensible, sometimes silly - for getting the most out of the Edinburgh Festival in eight steps, by answering our eight quick quiz questions. Today, it's comedian James McNicholas on hand with the tips.

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James McNicholas is performing 'The Boxer' at Pleasance Courtyard from 31 Jul-25 Aug.
ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses helps you navigate the festival with her Three To See show recommendations. Get more show tips here.


Leave A Message | Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose | 31 Jul-26 Aug
"Two friends, Ed and Sarah, travel to the small bedsit where Ed's father passed away just a few days earlier. The place is wretched, filthy and reeking of alcohol. They begin the unenviable task of trawling through the squalid wreckage before them... as they wade through the debris, pouring over the contents, the fragments of one lost life begin to coalesce, just as another starts to show signs of cracking. Will any of us be remembered for anything more than the mess we leave behind?" A comedy, believe it or not, based on the real life experience of performer Ed Coleman, and a poignant character study created with wit and honesty. Listing here.

The Burning | Pleasance Courtyard | 31 Jul-26 Aug (pictured)
There's always darkness where witches are concerned, no matter what angle you're coming from. If the witches really are witches, then they're in league with the devil. And if they're not real witches, then they're being horribly persecuted for being women who won't be quiet. Anyway, as you'll guess from that preamble, this latest show from the excellent Incognito Theatre is focused on the lives of 'witches' and their hunters in a story through time, exposing the effects of capitalism and fear and the ages-old trade-off that women are forced to make between goodness and power. Their last two shows were brilliant, so I'm expecting great things from this one. Listing here.

Shine | Zoo Southside | 2-26 Aug
"Your daughter is missing. You are the only one who has not given up the search. You hear voices. They guide you. They also haunt you. Will you surrender to them? Or will you shine?" This is an immersive psychological thriller, created and performed by a real life couple, dealing with every parent's worst nightmare, the mysterious disappearance of a child. The show uses binaural sound to create intensive stereo sensations, questions the reliability of the senses, and asks audience members to explore their own psyches. I'm totally intrigued by this, it sounds rather different and completely fascinating. Listing here.


Roots | Church Hill Theatre | 9-25 Aug (pictured)
This is one from the International Festival, and it sounds ever so intriguing to me, not least because I am a bit of a fan of old films and folk tale inspired themes. In 'Roots', UK based company 1927 "blends sophisticated stagecraft with the early days of cinema, all brought to life through the company's signature fusion of handcrafted animation and storytelling, with a live musical score involving donkeys' jaws, musical saws and Peruvian prayer boxes". Do I need to say any more? No, I imagine that's been persuasive enough. Listing here.

Sary | Sweet Novotel | 2-25 Aug
You know how we did a section on feminist stuff and I said that these days there's always lots of feminist stuff? Well, here's something else that's a bit feminist, but also based on a 19th Century tale from Sussex, which is why I'm mentioning it here. Of course, the other reason I am mentioning it is because it sounds amazing. It's described as a piece of "feminist folk horror", and it explores themes of female sexuality, ageing and loss as kinds of alchemy. "They call me witch. A teeth-gnasher. A shape-shifter. When a man says a woman turns into a hare, it means she were too quick for him!" And Amen to that, actually. Listing here.

Honeypot | Greenside @ Nicolson Square | 2-10 Aug
I didn't especially intend woman centred pieces to figure so highly in this section on stuff with a folk tale element, but I suppose, thinking about it, it makes sense. This play is from an all female team, and offers a "brutally honest, comic and uncensored subversion of the famously tragic folklore narratives", told through the eyes of multicultural, post-pubescent, fairy tale heroines, and reflecting on the daily trials and tribulations of contemporary women. "Be prepared to challenge shallow and subconscious stereotypes with a sisterhood of empowered female characters" warns the blurb. I reckon you are all up to that challenge. Listing here.


Daniel Audritt: Better Man | Just The Tonic At The Caves | 1-25 Aug (pictured)
After all that pesky womanhood focused stuff, I suppose it's only fair to shine a spotlight on shows with men and maleness as central themes. I'm starting in the comedy section, with a show that I suspect will be funny, but also has pertinent points to make about love, relationships, modern masculinity and what it takes to be a good guy. It's Daniel Audritt's debut hour here at the old edfringe, but that doesn't mean he's remotely new to the world of comedy: the director and co-writer of Comedy Central's 'Modern Horror Stories', he's also written for the likes of 'Mock the Week', 'The News Quiz', 'Dead Ringers' and 'NewsJack'. Listing here.

Mighty | Pleasance Courtyard | 31 Jul-16 Aug
You might think I've made a mistake including this one in the masculinity section, because this TED-talk-meets-theatre piece has its primary focus on people's prejudices with regard to height, and whether or not we should be taking 'heightism' more seriously. It's clear that masculinity is very much a part of the issue that's under discussion here, though, as Jack AG Britton tackles body image and mental health while telling his true story in a show that's (almost) got it all - comedy, live music and spoken word. Listing here.

Eshaan Akbar Infidel-ity | Gilded Balloon Teviot | 31 Jul-26 Aug
And so to our final man-focused tip, and if you're looking for a show (and who knows, maybe you really are) that tackles masculinity head on, deals with some serious issues, but is also the work of a funny fast-rising comedian, then this is very probably the show for you. "What does it take to be a man these days? After #MeToo, incel attacks and man buns, Eshaan Akbar explores masculinity and his relationship with men, women and himself. Love and loss can teach you a lot about who you actually are". See, I told you. Perfect. Listing here.
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