Faye Treacy is both a musician and a comedian, and in 'The Problem With Faye Treacy' she brings both of them together. For while it's a storytelling show at heart, she also plays and loops her trombone throughout.

The concept itself caught our eye, and there's a very interesting story behind this show too. With all that in mind, I threw some questions in Faye's direction, about her concurrent careers in music and comedy, and what we can expect from this year's show.

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'The Problem With Faye Treacy' is on at Just The Tonic at the Mash House from 1-27 Aug.
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We're talking to people who perform or work at the Edinburgh Festival each year to get their perspectives on what performing or producing at the world's biggest cultural event involves. This includes the people who run the numerous venues that pop up each year at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Our next venue people are Esmée Cook and Katrina Woolley, who are - respectively - Venue Manager and Head Of Programming at the Bedlam Theatre. The Bedlam is the year round home of the Edinburgh University Theatre Company, run by student members of the society. Each summer the venue is transformed into the Bedlam Fringe, presenting shows from a wide range of performers and companies.

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ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses helps you navigate the festival with her Three To See tips. Today cabaret and variety treats, some comedy shows with historical themes, sketch comedy and some theatre productions about big issues.


Bubble Show For Adults Only | C | 1-27 Aug (pictured)
So many times I've gone along to a 'bubble show' at the Edinburgh Fringe and had a really lovely time. But that was in the company of a theatre full of children, and I suspect that this sort of show will prove to be a little bit different from that sort of show. Why is it adults only, you ask? Here you go: "Mix one part physical theatre, one part bubble artistry and one part neo-burlesque, and you get a soapy concoction of kinky, in-your-face theatrics. A raucous and raunchy affair with a surprising story arc full of abstractness and the slightly grotesque, a surreal performative experience that wonderfully showcases the technical prowess of bubble art on a first-class level". Interesting.

The Swell Mob | Assembly George Square Studios | 1-26 Aug
This is not strictly cabaret - in fact, it's not even in the cabaret section - but I thought this might appeal to more adventurous cabaret-goers, which is why I stuck it here. It's an immersive theatrical experience, and the work of award-winning clown, puppetry and cabaret practitioners, who've combined to create a murky world of dandies and deception. "Audiences are invited to submerge themselves in the delights of an 1800s tap room, and to dance, sing, gamble, and cheat their way through a decaying world. Swig a London Porter and become the Hero, or swill Bathtub Gin and relish in the carousel". Some nights it's followed by an actual cabaret that's listed as cabaret - 'Rotating Roster Of Erudite Amusements And Motley Delights' - and it will all be brilliant, I guarantee it.

Jojo Bellini: Agents Provocateurs | Sweet Grassmarket | 2-26 Aug
This is a one woman cabaret about the world's greatest female spies. And let me tell you, that really leapt out at me because I recently added some books about women spies to my 'books I need to read' list. But even if that hadn't piqued my interest, Jojo Bellini is a definite favourite here at TW towers, and we eagerly await her latest contribution to the edfringe melting pot: expect "brilliant ballads about the wicked women of the espionage world", and a very entertaining celebration of the history of these brave and clever people.


Douglas Walker Presents - Of Christmas Past | Underbelly Bristo Square | 1-26 Aug (pictured)
I'm a bit of a fan of anything historical. I studied history, I read history, and I can often be found pretending that I don't really enjoy costume dramas when it's clear that I absolutely love them. But anyway, that's why I'm often attracted to historically themed shows, and here's one which has the bonus of referencing one of my favourite Dickens stories. Douglas Walker is the only star of this epic piece, playing what's described as a "dizzying cast of characters spanning 100 years of history". Brilliant.

Nick Hall: Spencer | Underbelly Bristo Square | 1-27 Aug
Have you heard of Spencer Percival? No? Well, given all my pretensions to loving and absorbing history, I didn't know who he was, either. I mean, you know, the name sounded familiar and all, and when it was revealed to me who he was, I went "ahhhh", in that way you do. Because I realised that in fact I probably did read or hear about him at some point in the past but then forgot. But anyway, would you like to know? Well, he was the only British Prime Minister ever to be assassinated and, 206 years later, Nick Hall is going to tell you his story, in an inventive and hilarious manner. Hurrah.

The Freedom Machine | C royale | 1-27 Aug
"There are a worrying number of 'ists' in society today - racists, sexists, even fascists - who'd have thought they'd make such a comeback?! For her debut Edinburgh show, Elaine Gallagher focuses on a positive 'ist' in society: the cyclist!" See, history doesn't have to be all about boring kings and queens and battles and politicians. It can be about cyclists and suffragettes too. Expect a show that mixes "past and present, fact and fiction, personal, political and historical, to explore cyclists, motorists, and feminists". It sounds like a definite recipe for success to me.


Sleeping Trees: World Tour | Assembly George Square Studios | 1-26 Aug (pictured)
Right, so let's do some sketch shows, starting with long term ThreeWeeks favourite Sleeping Trees. Though, having said the word 'sketch' in the same sentence as 'Sleeping Trees' I am now going to have to do some explaining, because what they do is probably different from what a lot of you might regard as a sketch show. This is not just a series of different unrelated skits, as many sketch shows are, rather it's all connected, telling the story of a trip around the world and a secret mission. Anyway, these guys are absolutely brilliant, and we only ever have good things to say, so don't miss them. "A story of love, revenge and friendship, and by friendship, we mean revenge".

Pelican Comedy: Fisk | Bedlam Theatre | 1-27 Aug
And, as it just so happens, Pelican Comedy appear to be purveyors of something similar, in the sense that their sketches are seemingly tied together by an overarching narrative. The group blend sketch, improv and physical comedy and have a rather surreal approach, according to my sources. They also received a rave review of this show when it was at the work-in-progress stage, so heaven knows what heights it's reached by now. Looks like it might also be a good one to take in with your teenagers, as the guideline age is 14+, so perhaps get on and plan that family outing.

Moon | Pleasance Courtyard | 1-27 Aug
And so to our final sketch recommendation, a hotly contested space, which, after much deliberation, was handed to this relatively new but accomplished pairing. It's their first Edinburgh show, but they've been putting in a lot of sketch practice down south. They promise to entertain you with "dark, unexpected, and immersive sketches" as well as " a nifty soundtrack trickery and plenty of acting chops". I've already heard lots and lot of good things about them, so I don't think their newcomer status should put you off: they're definite up-and-comers.


Vessel | Underbelly Bristo Square | 2-27 Aug
There are always lots of plays dealing with topical and social issues here at the old edfringe, of course, because there's always lots of new writing and people wanting to use theatre to create conversation around these things. So I thought I'd choose a few of those kind of shows. Starting with this, 'Vessel', the story of an Irish activist who uses her own unwanted pregnancy to bring a legal challenge against her government. Inspired by the recent abortion referendum in Ireland, and the ongoing lack of right to abortion in Northern Ireland, it examines the right to choose, women's rights, motherhood, and inequality.

Fcuk'd | Gilded Balloon Teviot | 1-27 Aug
Somewhere in the region of 100,000 children run away from home every year in the UK, which is a pretty shocking figure, especially given many of those young people end up in extreme poverty and become socially excluded. This play is about that issue, exploring themes of loyalty, abandonment and family, and addressing the experiences of young working class boys in contemporary Britain. It's an unusual format, being a one man show written entirely in verse, and tells the story of a teenager who kidnaps his younger brother in an attempt to get away from their difficult life and decrepit home. It's already won praise down south for its treatment of the topic.

Brexit | Pleasance Courtyard | 1-26 Aug (pictured)
"It's 2020 and The Gordian Knot of Brexit remains tightly tangled. To keep a united government and to achieve an exit deal remains incompatible ... or is it?" So, finally, to a very very hot topic. Well, it's a very, very hot topic if you've got my Twitter feed. And this is a very promising production, because it's one of those shows cast with a line-up that includes lots of your favourite comedians - Mike McShane, Jo Caulfield and Hal Cruttenden - and is led by Timothy Bentinck, star of 'The Archers'.
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