My interest was piqued by the sound of this show from US based group The Apricity Project when I realised that its creators were inspired by the work of Scottish writer George MacDonald, pioneer of the fantasy genre.

The piece was written by Ryan Napier and Courtney Oliphant, who also perform in the play. I spoke to them to find out more about how they came to be using MacDonald's story as a jumping off point, and why they made the all important decision to bring their work to the Fringe.

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The Antiscians is on at Greenside @ Royal Terrace from 3-18 Aug
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We're talking to people who perform or work at the Edinburgh Festival each year to get their perspectives on what performing or producing at the world's biggest cultural event involves. This includes the people who run the numerous venues that pop up each year at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Our next venue directors are Darren Neale and Tara Stapleton at Greenside. They originally came to the Festival in 2004 to work at a new venue called Greenside on Royal Terrace. Unbeknownst to them, before that Festival was done they would be running the venue. And from that grew the Greenside operation that this year is presenting 170 shows.

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ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses helps you navigate the festival with her Three To See tips. Today fabulous songsters, musical comedy, outstanding dance and physical pieces, and 'music plus' shows.


Michael Griffiths - Songs By Kylie | Assembly George Square Theatre | 1-26 Aug (pictured)
If you love singing shows with a difference, well, the award winning Michael Griffiths is someone to look out for. Because for quite a few years now he's been blessing the Fringe with his explorations of the life and work of some of our most beloved music stars: he's been Annie Lennox, Cole Porter and Madonna, to much acclaim I should add, and now he takes on Kylie Minogue. Expect an intelligent, skilled and hugely entertaining performance. "Put your hand on your heart and step back in time, Kylie wouldn't change a thing!"

Tori Scott Is #Thirsty | Underbelly Bristo Square | 1-27 Aug
If I remember correctly, I think we did a recommendation for this in our London-focused sister publication earlier in the year, when the show was on at the capital's Vault Festival in March. And you know what, I think it's entirely fair to tip it again now that Texan Tori Scott's up in Edinburgh for her Fringe debut. Celebrating "poor life choices and an unconditional love of vodka", the show sees Scott sharing autobiographical stories and political observations and - accompanied by her band - singing "songs she stole from other people" - the likes of Pink, Edith Piaf, Lady Gaga and Queen. It's definitely on my list... see you there..?

Cazeleon - The Movies In My Mind | Gilded Balloon Teviot | 1-27 Aug
"Drama, mystery, action, horror - all in a heel and lash - this is a "drag" show like you've never experienced. Inviting you to take a journey into her mind, Cazeleon's memoirs are represented through cinematic evolution". This award-winning cabaret by this extraordinary singer explores themes such as gender identity, binary constructs and the exploitation of women in Hollywood. It features music from the oeuvre of the likes of Shirley Bassey and Duke Dumont. The show's already won huge acclaim, so this is a very safe bet.


Bowjangles: Excalibow | Gilded Balloon Teviot | 1-26 Aug
"They dance whilst they play. They sing whilst they play. They leap, tumble, juggle and joke whilst they play". Yay, I love musical comedy, but I especially love this type of musical comedy, ie, the kind where people use their classical music training and mix that expertise with quality clowning about. Performing together since 2008, the members of Bowjangles are veterans of this niche form, and are absolutely bloody brilliant, so don't miss your chance to see them in action. This year's show takes you on a journey through myths, folklore, and legend, and features a portal in a cello case. How could you not want to see that?

Shit Faced Showtime: Oliver With A Twist | Underbelly Bristo Square | 1-27 Aug (pictured)
This one is musical comedy from a musical theatre angle, and - as you'll no doubt have divined from the title of the show - this is a new strand from the oft-drunk outfit behind the Shit Faced Shakespeare shows (they're doing 'Hamlet' this year, by the way, if you are interested). To those of you who have got this far through life without exposure to this compelling format, this is what happens: the company perform the show in the title, but each night a different cast member ascends the stage a little worse for wear, and hilarity ensues. Please sir, I want some more... booze?

Zach & Viggo And Thumpasaurus: Where Does The Love Go? | Underbelly Cowgate | 2-26 Aug
"Following the first space war of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, a lone detective is contracted to find the love in this absurdist, avant-garde, funk opera. LA-based, intergalactic dance force, Thumpasaurus teams up with anarchic, Norwegian-American comedy duo Zach & Viggo for an hour of madness!" Well, a) tell me that doesn't sound like enormously good fun and b) that's two separate outfits with a history of doing great things in their respective areas joining forces. So that basically makes it a supergroup. Hurrah.


Queer Words | Greenside @ Infirmary Street | 13-25 Aug
This sounds fabulous, and though it is in the section of the programme marked Dance, Physical Theatre And Circus, this is a performance that goes beyond that, embracing and incorporating elements of other genres too. In fact, this multidisciplinary show combines storytelling, spoken word, dance and physical theatre in its investigation of toxic ideals and the crisis of masculinity at an open mic night. Expect something brutally honest, darkly funny and at times controversial, that addresses our culture of violence and insecurity with sketches about the male perspective, feminism, gender inequalities, and homophobia.

Casus: You And I | Assembly Roxy | 2-26 Aug
"Poets spend their lives writing about it, everyone thinks about it, but when love is between two men some people turn a blind eye. This transparent journey of love, circus and friendship celebrates the importance of being visible in a world of closed doors". If you're a fan of love - and aren't we all? - and also a fan of circus, then this may well be a perfect show for your 2018 tick list. It promises to be a beautiful and empowering exploration of the relationship between two performers, incorporating high-level acrobatics, trapeze, magic and dance.

Egg | Summerhall | 1-26 Aug (pictured)
Our final recommendation for this section is another with a circus feel, as it's an aerial theatre production of a piece tackling the highly sensitive and ever topical issue of female fertility, sexuality and choice. The company behind this, Paper Doll Militia, have put together personal testimonies with live musical, and the aforementioned aerial work, to create a show that will take its audience on a personal and political journey. Always interesting to see heavier issues explored through this kind of form.


Wrenne: I Said Yes To Everything | Assembly George Square Studios | 2-26 Aug (pictured)
"Post-Mormon to UK transplant Wrenne performs her unique multimedia show about the struggle between her two selves: onstage and onscreen. Driven by compelling, melodic electropop, it's a journey-is-the-destination tale with unexpected twists. Art meets athleticism, tech meets song, dreams meet reality". Yes, I said 'music plus' and I meant 'music plus'. I started as I mean to go on. This sounds amazing.

Letters For Peace | Out Of The Blue Drill Hall | 15-17 Aug
Award-winning composer and guitarist Graeme Stephen presents this new work with Mr McFalls Chamber String Trio. And, in line with the theme of this section, it's very much more than just music, weaving together melodies with spoken word and imagery. It's inspired by the stories and letters of conscientious objectors who refused to fight during the First World War, and reflects on public perceptions of war, highlighting the sacrifices objectors made in the name of peace.

The Red Guitar | theSpace @ Niddry Street | 3-25 Aug
And finally, another music show with that extra added element - this one describes itself as part monologue and part stand-up along with the tunes, performed on a red Stratocaster guitar. John Sheldon has myriad stories to tell: he was Van Morrison's lead guitarist at 17, songwriter to James Taylor, and takes you on a journey through the rock and roll era with the help of "wry humor, compelling anecdotes and can't-believe-your-ears guitar licks".
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