Hello there. And welcome to the first edition of the TW Daily for 2017 - as Edinburgh's big festival month gets very close indeed.

We will now be landing in your inbox each day until the end of August with all the latest coverage of the Edinburgh Festival from ThreeWeeks.

Kicking us off are my Three To See recommendations for this year's festival season. I tip 75 shows in total in 25 sets of three - look out for three Threes To See each day over the next week here in the TW Daily - today we have some comedy, cabaret and theatre.

Meanwhile, as the Edinburgh Festival celebrates 70 years, we have been encouraging Fringe regulars to get all nostalgic via the ThreeWeeks Quick Quiz. Starting us off are the cast of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', and today that means Clive Anderson.

If you fancy listening rather than reading, the TW:TALKS podcast is back for the Festival season, and in the first edition Chris chats to the brilliant Phil Wang. Look out for more info below.

Over the next few days you'll also find more new interviews to read here in the TW Daily, plus we'll officially launch the ThreeWeeks Preview Edition for Festival 2017. And then, once the Festival is up and running, this will be the place to get all the latest reviews.

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Caro Moses
Editor, ThreeWeeks Edinburgh
This August the Edinburgh Festival celebrates its 70th anniversary. To mark the occasion, we have asked a plethora of performers about their personal Fringe experiences.

To kick us off, the cast of the iconic improv show 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' get all nostalgic as they return to the Edinburgh stage once again. Today, Clive Anderson.

CLICK HERE to read Clive Anderson's answers to the Quick Quiz.

'Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Live At The Fringe' is on at Assembly Rooms from 3-27 Aug.
The TW:TALKS podcast returns for Edinburgh Festival 2017. In this first edition we TW:TALK with Phil Wang as he gets ready to perform his new stand-up show 'Kinabalu'. We discuss Wang's first Edinburgh show, winning Chortle awards, his Footlights stint, the sketch shows as part of Daphne, and his upcoming first UK tour.

CLICK HERE to tune in and sign up for the TW:TALKS podcast.

Phil Wang performs 'Kinabalu' at Edinburgh Festival 2017 at the Pleasance Courtyard from 2-27 Aug. 
ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses helps you navigate the festival with her Three To See tips. Today cabaret favourites, sketch comedy shows and quirky theatre.


Jojo Bellini - Crash Bang Cabaret | The Stand Comedy Club 2 | 2-27 Aug (pictured)
We love Jojo Bellini, who this year presents what's described as a hilariously naughty cabaret about car accidents, kink and cucumbers. "Who is this woman?" asks the blurb, "Where has she come from? How did she recover from such a crippling car accident?" Perhaps you'll find the answers to these questions (though I make absolutely no guarantees) if you skip along and book your tickets for this fabulous and funny show.

Tomas Ford - Craptacular | Gilded Balloon Teviot | 2-28 Aug
Another TW favourite is "International cabaret sex god" Tomás Ford who offers up this collection of the trashiest pop songs of all time "in ways you never asked to hear them". You don't even have to take our word for it as to how brilliantly entertaining this chap is, because he is critically acclaimed - by other critics, obv - everywhere he goes.

The Gin Whore Tour | Paradise In Augustines | 21-27 Aug
Okay, I admit it, this isn't strictly a TW favourite. I picked it because gin is my favourite, and I couldn't resist a show that has "warning: alcohol will be served" as part of its Fringe listing. And, you know, it's educational, because as well as getting to taste four lovely gins, you also learn about the history of this magical liquor. See you there.


Margarita Dreams | Underbelly Med Quad | 2-28 Aug
I tell you what, I'm dreaming of margaritas right now, which is a bit sad really, because I am not allowed to drink any at the moment because of the drugs I am on (prescription drugs, actually, stop judging me). Perhaps instead I can drown my sorrows in the joys of this extremely promising sketch show, penned by much acclaimed veteran comedy writer and lyricist Richard Sparks, and performed by four definite up and comers.

Sisters - White Noise | Pleasance Courtyard | 2-27 Aug
The name of this act might be considered a bit misleading in the sense that this sketch duo is the pairing of Christy White-Spunner and Mark Jones, who look suspiciously like boys. But that's not really relevant, because what you want is some quality entertainment, and I feel very confident that these two can provide it. Even though this is their debut Edinburgh hour as a pair, they have loads and loads of previous relevant experience so are totally up to the job.

Goose: Amphetawaltz | Assembly George Square Gardens | 3-27 Aug
Another duo that have long been on our favourites list, though it's a duo with a difference because while they - Adam Drake and Ben Rowse - both write the show, only one of them - Adam - performs it, while the other - yes, Ben - directs. They always get super reviews from our writers, and they're describing this year's production as "their most ambitious show yet", so I reckon we can all expect good things.


#instalove | theSpace on North Bridge | 4-26 Aug (pictured)
You get a different performance every night with this one-woman show from American Catherine Duquette, who turns the process of looking for love into a live game-show type format. The interactive style means that the audience are very much involved, helping to decide what happens on stage, and getting involved in the emotional consequences of their choices. A celebration of all the reasons we seek love and why we seek the partners we do, Inspired by cynicism and based on romance.

Nikola And His Travelling Lux Concordia | C royale | 2-28 Aug
This show had me at the words "Psychedelic trip meets TED talk", and the fact that it's got a scientific theme. Ola the time traveller and Nikola, a modern scientist, fight for the audience's support for philosophies of science and spirituality in a performance that explores the kind of subjects you find on the fringes of modern science. We are rather intrigued.

Seagulls | The Leith Volcano | 8-26 Aug
This one is quirky because of the staging: this version of Chekhov's 'The Seagull' is performed in a decaying church, and the show's cast climb walls and swing on ropes, dance, play games, get wet and fight duels. The play is of course a classic, and this adaptation looks amazing.
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