Sketch troupe The Dead Secrets grew out of an Oxford-based improv group back in 2012, arriving at the Fringe with their debut show 'Bulletproof Jest' the following year. Our reviewer was left "simply wanting more" from that show, and now that more is coming, as the team return with a brand new production called 'The Curiositorium' for Fringe 2015. We lined the players up and fired some questions at them in something nearing a logical order.

ThreeWeeks' Chris Cooke chats to the team about their show here
Look out for the preview edition of ThreeWeeks arriving through the letterboxes of Edinburgh, and at all key Festival venues, over the next few days.

Inside: Stuart Bowden, Maddy Anholt, Linda Cattaneo, Karen Koren, Penny Ashton, Shelley Mitchell, The Dead Secrets, House Of Blakewell, LetLuce, Will Pickvance, Matthew Harvey, Jennie Benton Smith, Stewart Francis, Yianni, Andrew Ryan, Máire Clerkin, Chris Martin and 81 show recommendations.

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It's the TW Podcast at the Edinburgh Festival. This week, with Festival 2015 kicking off next week, ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Chris Cooke chats to MJ Hibbett and Tez Ilyas about their brand new shows, plus enjoy a snippet of children's theatre production 'According To Arthur' and music from Simon Thacker.

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As she takes to the Edinburgh stage with her show 'Being Barbarella' this month, Elf Lyons considers superheroes and sexuality, and balancing trying to be sexy with trying to be funny on stage.

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Each day this week we're looking at some of the venue innovations that are occurring at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, with the focus today on theSpaceUK.

There are already a multitude of theSpaceUK venues operating around the Festival, but this year there will be even more, with the addition of new spaces in existing buildings, and the arrival of a whole new complex going by the name SpaceTriplex.

"Completed in February after a £10million refurb, SpaceTriplex is a state of the art building over three floors located on Hill Place" says Space chief Charles Pamment, "right next to our existing venues theSpace @ Surgeons Hall and theSpace @ Symposium Hall. This gives us a fabulous hub of seven theatres right at the centre of the modern Fringe. In SpaceTriplex we have two performance spaces, one an intimate 60 seat studio, the other a quite unique 'open space' which can cater for lots of different theatre designs".

As for the other developments within this venue empire, Pamment goes on: "Our other new theatres include a second at theSpace on Niddry St, a fabulous 'in the round' 100 seater, and a third at theSpace on the Mile. These new additions at our Royal Mile venues creates another hub of seven theatres. Plus we have theSpaceUK pop-up pub-on-wheels, which will be located on the cobbles outside theSpace on Niddry Street".

We've noted before that one of Space's USPs amongst the big venue operators is that it actively welcomes those companies looking to do a shorter run of shows, maybe performing for one week instead of all three. "We do have about 60 shows running for three weeks this year and many for two, but the one week show is just as important" Pamment declares.

"In fact, most short-run shows really reflect the ethos of the Fringe as a platform for new work; many are young, developing companies new to the Festival who can't afford a longer run. Experience tells us that these producers, directors and performers are quite probably the future of the arts in the UK, so where better to give them a platform to begin that journey? We are proud we do that. It's also worth mentioning that one week shows do win awards too. In 2014, winners of the NSDF best show and a Bobby Award were one week shows under theSpaceUK banner".

LINKS: thespaceuk.com
Here's ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses once again, this time with three dance shows for younger Festival-goers.

The Tap Dancing Mermaid
When compiling this year's tips, it occurred to me that, despite having been to see millions of children's shows with my daughter in recent years, pretty much none of them have been remotely dance based. I suspect that it's at least partly because there aren't actually very many children's shows that are. Whatever the reason, it made me determined to find some good shows featuring some dance, for your benefit and mine. This one looks really great, partly because it features one of my very favourite kinds of dance, but also because its creator, Tessa Bide, has garnered some seriously positive feedback for her family performances.
Summerhall, from 5 until 30 Aug

The Princess And The Frog
Every child knows the story of 'The Princess and the Frog'. Or do they? I suspect that these days, they are more likely to know the plots of the Harry Potters, the Horrid Henrys and the Judy Moodys, but it's not going to be a hindrance, I am sure; this timeless tale is, in my opinion, the perfect vehicle for a classical dance piece aimed at children, and this production promises gorgeous costumes, mesmerising performances, and clear storytelling. Sounds like the perfect introduction to ballet.
Sweet Grassmarket, from 6 until 30 Aug

Grandad And Me (pictured)
This sounds beautiful, and I am very keen to see it. The work of new Glasgow based company The Letter J, it's described as a "living storybook" which deals with themes of loss, memory and imagination. It focuses on a girl who is missing her grandad, and who, using material objects and the power of her imagination, traces his steps. The show has already received much critical acclaim, and comes to the Fringe as part of the 2015 Made In Scotland showcase.
Summerhall, from 8 until 23 Aug
Back to the comedy Fringe, ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses recommends three comedians facing adversity.

Felicity Ward: What If There Is No Toilet?
I, and my fellow ThreeWeeks reviewers, have always been pretty keen on Felicity Ward, and in that we are, of course, not alone; she's an award-winning performer with glowing reviews coming out of her ears. Yet, it's not all plain sailing for her, as evidenced by her work on her highly praised documentary 'Felicity's Mental Mission', in which she explores anxiety and mental health. Her latest show deals with the topics of mental illness and irritable bowel syndrome; you can count on her to find the funny in adversity.
Pleasance Courtyard, from 5 until 31 Aug

Beth Vyse: As Funny As Cancer (pictured)
Character comedian Beth Vyse was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28, and five years on from that, and in remission, she's decided to create a show which tells the story of her battle with the dreaded disease, and stop hiding behind her comedy creations. I've a feeling that her surreal and wacky performance style which should prove the perfect vehicle for the delivery of a set like this, which will inevitably juxtapose the humorous with the gut-wrenching.
Heroes @ The Hive, from 6 until 30 Aug

Corey White: The Cane Toad Effect
Corey White had a very bad start in life, the kind that makes your heart ache; the son of a heroin-addicted mother and a violent alcoholic father, he spent his early years being shifted from foster home to foster home. After studying at university he began experimenting with drugs, and became an addict, before kicking the habit in 2008. This show, which explores ideas of unintended consequences, has already won huge acclaim in the comedian's native Australia, winning him the best newcomer award at the Melbourne Festival. So, yes. I think this will be good.
Assembly Hall, from 6 until 30 Aug
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