LetLuce - aka Lucy Pearman and Letty Butler - garnered plenty of acclaim with their show 'Show Pony' last August, and now they return with a brand new outing called 'Sea Men (A Naval Tale)'. Though don't be expecting to see it in the Cowgatehead venue - as the Fringe programme declares - because after the debacle that surrounded that big free show space earlier this year, the duo have decamped to Just The Tonic. Few who have seen LetLuce perform have been able to resist comparisons with the Mighty Boosh, though there's an assortment of other comedy influences in there too. And a very fetching fish costume. We brought LetLuce ashore to find out more.

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ThreeWeeks invites Fringe-favourite poets to put some words to paper - or a portable device of their choosing - to entertain you here in Poetry Corner. Today, Jennie Benton Smith. She's from Class 10B.

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So many sketches, so little time - ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses recommends three top sketch shows from the Fringe.

zazU: A Féte Worse Than Death
Our reviewer was pretty taken with zazU Comedy's 2014 show, calling it "good silly fun" and praising its quirky characters, its talented cast, and its promising use of biscuit props. The group have a pretty good background in this comedy lark, having met via Newsrevue, and put together their critically acclaimed debut with a bit of help from comedy ledge Steve Furst. They are back with an amusingly named follow up (I love cheesy puns), and I expect it to be very good.
Pleasance Courtyard, from 5 until 31 Aug

Aunty Donna
Another sketch troupe who made a big splash with their debut show last year are Australian imports Aunty Donna. Critically acclaimed at home and abroad, the trio are back with a new show that promises to be dark, warped, crass, original and intelligent, and also appears to have a cohesive theme, which is good, because I like sketch shows with a cohesive theme. What is the theme? Well, they're caught in a battle of good versus evil with a rival comedy troupe. Sounds fun, no?
Gilded Balloon, from 5 until 31 Aug

Minor Delays
And yes, yet another sketch troupe who made their well-received Fringe debut last year, though the individual members have a fair amount of pre sketch show Edinburgh based experience, too - one member of the trio is a former president of student sketch group Leeds Tealights, and another starred in a successful one woman Fringe show back in 2012. Anyway, none of that really matters; what's important is that you can expect something pretty special from this lot; classy, clever comedy from a talented bunch.
Gilded Balloon, from 5 until 31 Aug
Putting the spotlight on the musical Fringe, ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses tips three new musical shows.

Ushers: The Front of House Musical (pictured)
There are always loads of productions of old favourites at the Fringe, so I like to try and pick out some of the new musicals making their way to the Scottish capital at this time of year. This one, which has already won significant critical acclaim down south, focuses, as you might perhaps expect from that title, on a period in the lives of a group of theatre front of house staff. Sounds fun.
Momentum Venues @ St Stephens, from 5 until 30 Aug

Love Birds
The blurb sounds a little kooky - "A quartet of penguins and a trio of parrots sing and dance, dazzling and delighting their audiences, night after night in this one of a kind, all avian revue. But when the show's temperamental cracker-crazed macaw star mysteriously goes missing, it threatens to close down the show for good" - but this show has an extremely promising pedigree; writer Robert J Sherman comes from a family of renowned songwriters - his father and uncle being The Sherman Brothers, who did film scores for 'Mary Poppins', 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', 'The Jungle Book' and 'The Artistocrats'. I feel as though very little could go wrong with this one.
Pleasance Courtyard, from 5 until 31 Aug

Under The Ground
This is a new musical brought to you by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, who have a habit of turning up at the festival every year with super duper shows. 'Under The Ground' is about a girl facing her demons during the course of a seemingly simple journey on the Glasgow Underground. Expect good things.
Assembly Checkpoint, from 7 until 31 Aug
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