There are plenty of children's shows at the Fringe which are actually as entertaining for grown ups, but what if the kid's show itself was reinterpreted for older eyes? That's the challenge choreographer Natasha Gilmore set herself after realising how she and her children often interpreted differently stories that they read together.

She teamed up with Robert Alan Evans and musician Kim Moore to create two dance pieces based on the popular children's book 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea', one for children, called 'Tiger Tale', and one for adults, called simply 'Tiger'. The two productions follow the same story and feature many of the same elements, but with a different perspective depending on who is in the audience. We spoke to Gilmore to find out more about this fascinating project. Click here to read the interview.
As if your Fringe schedules weren't full enough already, that darn Eddie Izzard has just demanded you clear a late night slot just for him in early Week One.

Which is another way of saying that Mick Perrin Worldwide yesterday announced a magnificent late night gala of comedy delights from all across Europe called 'Comedy Sans Frontieres', headlined by that there Izzard and a certain Dylan Moran. Something definitely worth rearranging your Fringe diaries for.

In a comedy show suitably cosmopolitan for a festival as international as Edinburgh, alongside the headliners you'll get Francesco De Carlo from Italy, Yacine Belhousse from France, Igor Meerson from Russia and Michael Mittemeier from Germany, all for one night only.

'Comedy Sans Frontiers' takes place in the Pleasance Grand on 5 Aug at 11.50pm. Announcing the bash, Izzard told ThreeWeeks: "'Comedy Sans Frontiers' is our comedic future and past all at the same time. What we are showing here at the Edinburgh Festival is that humour is human and not national. It is only the references in our comedy that can be national".

Tickets and gubbins here.
It's ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses with three more theatre shows to tip. This lot feature great performers with interesting stories to tell.

Sophie Wu is Minging, She Looks Like She's Dead (pictured)
Sophie Wu may be known to audiences of Channel 4's 'Fresh Meat' and other film/TV appearances, but that's not the reason I selected this show for inclusion here. Nor was I attracted by the attention-seeking title of the show. I'd in fact heard tell on the grapevine that she's pretty good at live performance. And, according to the Fringe Programme she "rises magnanimously above taking petty revenge for her teenage humiliations, in her well-balanced, light and sane debut show". I like sane, I like light, I like well-balanced. Let's hope she makes good on the promise.
Wee Red Bar, from 2 Aug until 24 Aug. Tickets here.

Running Into Me
Selected for the inaugural A Series Of One festival at La Mama in New York, this one woman show has already been called "Raw, intense and thought-provoking". Vickie Tanner tells the story of her upbringing in a poor urban US neighbourhood, surrounded by drug and prison culture, and her struggle to defy the odds, escape, and succeed. I get the sense that maybe there's a bit of a twist here, somehow – it was the words "it's the best kind of story: one you think you can predict, but can't" that did it. In any case, this looks good.
Underbelly, from 31 Jul until 24 Aug. Tickets here.

Talk About Something You Like
Byron Vincent is a poetry/spoken word/storytelling type, who you'll find appearing on Radio 4, Channel 4, BBC, and at various UK festivals, literary and otherwise. This is the unflinching and honest account of his own struggle with bi-polar disorder, in which he tells the story of a summer spent in a psychiatric unit, analyses psychiatric practice of the past and present, and challenges the authority of the medical establishment and pharmaceutical industry. Sounds clever, important, and intense.
Pleasance Courtyard, from 30 Jul until 24 Aug. Tickets here.
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