The TW:DIY interviews 2018

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At Edinburgh Festival 2018 ThreeWeeks co-Editor Chris Cooke got the lowdown on what it’s like performing and working at the Edinburgh Fringe with the TW:DIY interviews – chatting to performers and loads of people working behind the scenes at the Festival about their Edinburgh experiences and cultural careers to date. To see all of ThreeWeeks’ interviews from Edinburgh Festival 2018 click here.

We also took all the top tips from those interviews to create a TW:DIY Guide To Doing The Edinburgh Fringe which you can read here.

The Lighting Designer: Attila Lenzsér
The Playwright: Roxy Dunn
The Producer: Kate Taylor
The Designer: Russell Dean from Strangeface Theatre
The Comedy Promoter: Brett Vincent from Get Comedy
The Director: Emma Jordan from Prime Cut
The Venue Directors: Anthony Alderson from Pleasance
The Site-Specific Show: Alison Pollard-Mansergh from Interactive Theatre International
The Venue Press Officer: Jen McGowan
The Venue Directors: The team from Paradise Green
The Venue Directors: Ed Bartlam and Charlie Wood from Underbelly
The Award Producers: Jo Crowley and Becki Haines from the Total Theatre Awards
The Award Producers: Hils Jago from Amused Moose
The Signed Show: Dean Penn from Hit The Mark Theatre
The Venue Directors: Esmée Cook and Katrina Woolley from Bedlam Fringe
The Venue Directors: Charles Pamment from theSpaceUK
The Venue Directors: Darren Neale and Tara Stapleton from Greenside
The Producer: James Seabright
The Street Performer: Paul Nathan
The Stage Manager: Gemma Scott
The Venue Directors: James Mackenzie from ZOO Venues
The Venue Directors: JD Henshaw from Sweet Venues
The Production Manager: Giles Moss from theSpaceUK
The Free Fringe Performer: Nick Doody
The Publicist: Madelaine Bennett from Premier
The Editor: Caro Moses from ThreeWeeks