Theatre at Edinburgh Festival 2018

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Alex Maxwell and Atlanta Howard: Tobacco Road
Three To See on 24 Aug: Lights Over Tesco Car Park, The Providence Of Neighbouring Bodies, Tilda Swinton Answers An Ad On Craigslist
Three To See on 23 Aug: Four Go Wild In Wellies, Pickle Jar, Number Please
The Playwright: Roxy Dunn
The Producer: Kate Taylor
Three To See on 22 Aug: Angry Alan, Revelations, Alice Fraser
Three To See on 21 Aug: Armour, Why Even Bother, Kiri Pritchard McLean
The Designer: Russell Dean from Strangeface Theatre
Three To See on 19 Aug: The Gruffalo, Denim, Meek
The Director: Emma Jordan from Prime Cut
Three To See on 17 Aug: Orlando, Tabarnak, Questing Time
Katie Mahon and Molly Rumford: Brenda's Got A Baby
Ben Pettitt-Wade: The Flop
Three To See on 16 Aug: Jan Tait And The Bear, The Myth Of The Singular Moment, Jordan Brookes
The Site-Specific Show: Alison Pollard-Mansergh from Interactive Theatre International
Three To See on 12 Aug: Stick By Me, The Flop, Demi Lardner
Three To See on 11 Aug: Circa, #Pianodrome Live, Rhys Nicholson
Neema Bickersteth: Century Song
Three To See on 10 Aug: Love Song To Lavender Menace, BARK! The Musical, Adam Riches
Victoria Firth: How To Be Amazingly Happy
The Producer: James Seabright
Ryan Napier and Courtney Oliphant: The Antiscians
Colette Redgrave: Picasso's Women
Three To See 2018: Three auto/biographical shows
Three To See 2018: Three historical theatre shows
Three To See 2018: Three shows with eccentric themes
Three To See 2018: Three shows about big issues
Three To See 2018: Three shows about problems down below
Oliver Lansley: Flies
Allegra Marland and Georgie Oulton: Di And Viv And Rose (In An Hour)
Dan Coleman: Gulliver Returns


Starfish (Luna Rose Productions)
Prehistoric (Elbow Room)
Heather And Harry (Stumble Trip Theatre)
Keep The Change (Tout Ensemble)
Famous Puppet Death Scenes (The Old Trout Puppet Workshop)
The EU Inspector (Acting Coach Scotland)
East Belfast Boy (Prime Cut Productions)
Sirens (Zoo Co)
Sirens (Zoo Co)25 August 2018

Kit Finnie: Mabel And Mickey (Kit Finnie)
Just William's Luck (Shedload Theatre)
It's True, It's True, It's True (Breach Theatre / Untapped By Underbelly and New Diorama Theatre)
In Loyal Company (Lab Rats)
Other People's Teeth (Want The Moon Theatre)
Love Songs (Trip Hazards presents Alissa Anne Jeun Yi)
Vessel (Laura Wyatt O'Keeffe)
Polaris (Holly And Ted)
One Life Stand (Middle Child)
Narcissist In The Mirror (Rosie Fleeshman)
The Egg Is A Lonely Hunter (Lisa Richards)
The Swell Mob (Flabbergast Theatre)
Year Without Summer (Cast Iron Theatre)
When The Friendship Has Sailed (Weird Sisters Theatre)
Testament (Chalk Line)
Queens Of Sheba (Nouveau Riché)
Living With A Dark Lord (Mighty Pen Theatre)
Zoo (Anteater and Something For The Weekend)
Nowt As Queer As Folk (Coast To Coast)
Flushed (Theatre Unlocked)
Flesh And Bone (Unpolished Theatre)
Fast (Digital Drama)
Fast (Digital Drama)19 August 2018

Electrolyte (Wildcard)
The Welcome Revolution (Feat. Theatre)
Skin A Cat (Rive Productions)
Revelations (James Rowland)
Offstage (Ephemeral Ensemble)
Number, Please. (Paprichoo)
Looking For Lightning (Garth McLean - California, USA)
Kidding (Sounds Like Thunder Theatre)
Doom's Day (The Wax House)
Deadline (QMTC)
Deadline (QMTC)19 August 2018

The Cat's Mother (Wildcard and Reid Productions)
Bummer And Lazarus (Big Egg Theatre)
Solarplexus: An Alternative Energy Play (Project Mercury)
Seven Ways To Calm The F**k Down (3BUGS)
Power Play: The Empty Chair (Power Play Theatre and Polly Creed)
OTOSOTR (Anatoliy Ogay and Tatyana Kim)
Onstage Dating (Bron Batten)
Ladykiller (The Thelmas)
The Hit (Strangeface)
The Hit (Strangeface)18 August 2018

The Half Moon Shania (Burnt Lemon Theatre)
Good Vibes Only (Laughing Mirror)
Orpheus (The Flanagan Collective and Gobbledigook Theatre)
Waiting For Godot (DRUID / Garry Hynes / Edinburgh International Festival)
Urban Death (Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group)
The Providence Of Neighboring Bodies (Dutch Kills Theater Company)
Power Play: Somebody (Power Play Theatre and Matilda Curtis)
Power Play: Next Time (Power Play Theatre and Jess Moore)
No One Is Coming to Save You (This Noise)
Hug The Bunny (Pits N Clits Theatre Company)
Breakfast Plays: Youthquake (Traverse Theatre Company)
Blackthorn by Charley Miles (InSite / West Yorkshire Playhouse)
Signals (Footprint Theatre)
Power Play: Funeral Flowers (Power Play Theatre and Emma Dennis-Edwards)
The Archive Of Educated Hearts (Lion House Theatre)
What Girls Are Made Of (Traverse Theatre Company, Raw Material in association with Regular Music)
Theatre Uncut: Women On Power (Theatre Uncut)
Private Peaceful (Scamp Theatre)
Pickle Jar (Fight In The Dog and United Agents)
Lights Over Tesco Car Park (Poltergeist Theatre)
Jasper Red: Press Play (Natalie Walmsley)
[insert slogan here] (YESYESNONO)
Dreamland (Hyperdrive Theatre)
The Bacchae (Mermaids: The University Of St Andrews Performing Arts Fund)
Daughter (Adam Lazarus)
Why Even Bother (Joakim Gunby)
Fcuk'd (Theatre N16 and Eastlake Productions)
City Love (Old Joint Stock Theatre / Illuminate Theatre Company)
Status (Chris Thorpe, Rachel Chavkin, China Plate and Staatstheater Mainz)
Hunch (DugOut Theatre)
Camp Be Yourself (Box Theatre Company)
The Aspirations Of Daise Morrow (Far And Away Productions in association with Brink Productions)
My Kind Of Michael (Nick Cassenbaum)
The Basement Tapes (Zanetti Productions)
The Approach (Landmark Productions)
Orlando (Dyad Productions)
Tobacco Road (Incognito Theatre Company)
Midsummer (National Theatre of Scotland / David Greig / Gordon McIntyre / Kate Hewitt)
Mark Thomas - Check Up: Our NHS At 70 (Lakin McCarthy)
Grace by Katie Reddin-Clancy (Katie Reddin-Clancy)
The Last Straw (People Show)
Entropy (Jennifer Roslyn Wingate)
Blue Heart (Bathway Theatre Company, University of Greenwich)
Blinded (BloomBox Theatre)
Fallen Fruit (Two Destination Language)
(even) HOTTER (Transgress)
To Have Done With The Judgement Of God (Fear No Colours)
Sticks And Stones (Paines Plough and Theatr Clwyd)
The Myth Of The Singular Moment (Jim Harbourne)
Meek (Headlong)
Meek (Headlong)11 August 2018

In For A Penny (Gilded Balloon and Otago Theatre Present...)