ED2017 3/5 REVIEWS

3/5 at Edinburgh Festival 2017 (Good)

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The Charlie Question (Je Ne Sais Quoi Theatre)
Dickless (Fundamental Theatre Project / Salt 'n' Sauce Promotions)
Venus And Adonis (Noontide Sun and Christopher Hunter)
Mission Abort (Therese Ramstedt)
Awake (Miranda Colmans)
Will Duggan: Perspicuator
ForniKATEress (Kate Smurthwaite / PBH's Free Fringe)
The Waiting Game (Snowy Owl)
Trashed (Lab Rats)
Trashed (Lab Rats)27 August 2017

City Love (Illuminate Productions / PBH's Free Fringe)
Burnt Toast (Place Productions)
How to Be A Sissy With Percy Q Shun (South By Northwest)
Sam Shaber: Life, Death And Duran Duran (Sam Shaber)
The Starship Osiris (Willis & Vere)
Egg (Theodora Van Der Beek / PBH Free Fringe)
All My Friends Are Dead (Conor Drum)
The Pitchfork Disney (Gone Rogue Productions)
Things We Find In The Dark (Echo Echo Echo)
The Shape Of The Pain (China Plate, Rachel Bagshaw and Chris Thorpe)
Above the Mealy-mouthed Sea (Unholy Mess in association with Omnibus)
Death In Venice (Edinburgh Ballet Circle)
Adrian Minkowicz: Best Newcomer (Double The Bet / PBH's Free Fringe)
Shazia Mirza, With Love from St Tropez (MTM Productions)
GayShit (Wayne Carter)
Chris Washington: Dream Big (Within Reason)
Jamie Wood: I Am A Tree
You Are Not the One Who Shall Live Long (DOT504)
Louise Reay: Hard Mode (Louise Reay / The Stand Comedy Club)
Gillian Cosgriff: To The Moon And Back (Julz Hay Proudly presents)
Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market (JJewell Productions)
Behind The Mirror (Go Theatre Company)
A Year Of Minutes (Fourth Wall Theatre)
Michael Clarke: A Felt In Progress (PBJ Management)
A Girl And A Gun (Louise Orwin)
Fix (Worklight Theatre)
Oskar's Amazing Adventure (Theatre Fideri Fidera)
Victim (Bruised Sky Productions)
The Unmarried (Lauren Gauge)
Like Blood From a Cheap Cigar (Genevieve Joy)
Hotter (Transgression Productions)
Edinburgh Renaissance Band - Musical Migrants (Edinburgh Renaissance Band)
Organ Freeman (Jarlath Regan)
Alexander Fox: Ringo (Alexander Fox)
The Remains Of Tom Lehrer (Performed by Adam Kay) (Amateur Transplants presented by James Seabright)
Mine (Put The Book Down)
Angela Barnes: Fortitude (Off The Kerb Productions)
Imaginary Radio (Drennon Davis Jim Hickox - Bigtop Productions)
I Can Make You Tory (Leo Kearse)
Eshaan Akbar: Not For Prophet (CKP & ROAR Group Present)
The OS Map Fan Club (Helen Wood)
My Pet, My Love (Marc Up Productions)
Brennan Reece: Everlong (Live Nation in association with United Agents)
What Would Cathy Do? (40 Watt Pearl - Australia)
One-Man Apocalypse Now (Chris Davis)
Adventurers Wanted: A 250-Hour Epic Tabletop Roleplaying Game (Total Party Kill! in association with Sweet Venues)
Beadledom: Omega (Familia De La Noche)
Cathedral Lunchtime Concerts – Free (St Mary's Cathedral)
The Kingston University Brass Ensemble (Kingston University)
Rachel Jackson: Bunny Boiler (Hannah Layton Management)
Taiwan Season: Ever Never (Co-coism)
Perfectly Imperfect Women (Wizard Presents)
Stiff Dicky (JunkBox Theatre)
Lilith: The Jungle Girl (Sisters Grimm)
Kafka And Son (Theaturtle, Threshold, Richard Jordan Productions in association with the Pleasance)
The Hero Who Overslept (Bravebeard Productions and Fringe Management)
Ukelele Death Squad (Ukelele Death Squad)
Paul McCaffrey: Suburban Legend (Paul McCaffrey / Off The Kerb Productions)
Maddy Anholt - Herselves (Maddy Anholt/Corrie McGuire for ROAR Comedy/Moneybox)
Jack Barry: High Treason (Berk's Nest in association with Avalon Management)
Danny O'Brien: RaconTour (Danny O'Brien by arrangement with Corrie McGuire for ROAR Comedy)
Pity Laughs: A Tale Of Two Gays (Straightup)
D'Arcehole (Jo D'Arcy)
Andy Daly: Monsters Take Your Questions (Rabbit Rabbit)
Just William's Luck (Shedload Theatre)
A Gym Thing (Working Cast Productions / Small Things Theatre)
Games and After Liverpool by James Saunders (Blind Elephant)
Kwame Asante: Open Arms (CKP and ROAR)
David Trent: Here's Your Future (Phil McIntyre Entertainments)
Britney In: John (Country Mile Productions)
Séance (Darkfield)
Séance (Darkfield)12 August 2017

Edd Hedges: Wonderland (RBM)
Aunty Donna: Big Boys (Century Entertainment)
Losing Days (Initiative 26 / Salt 'n' Sauce Productions)
Sam Goodburn: Dumbstruck (Underbelly and Sam Goodburn)
Nazeem Hussain: Hussain In The Membrane (Nazeen Hussain)
Muriel: Bad Master (Muriel in association with Dawn Sedgwick Management)
Michael Stranney: Welcome To Ballybeg (Michael Stranney)
Kat Bond: Loo Roll (Kathryn Bond and PBJ Management present)
We Are All Going to Die (Dead Person Productions)
Baby Mama: One Woman's Quest To Give Her Child To Gay People (Mariah MacCarthy)
Phoebe Traquair Song School Murals - Free (St Mary's Cathedral)
Brick City: The Backstage Tour! (Warren Elsmore)
Morale Is High (Since We Gave Up Hope) (Powder Keg)
I Am Faransis W. (sadsongskomplex:fi / From Start To Finnish)
Cognitions (SpeakUp Theatre)
Phools (Babolin Theatre)
Patrick Turpin: Itty Bitty Little Titty Piece (Live Nation in association with Hannah Layton Management)