ED2017 2/5 REVIEWS

2/5 at Edinburgh Festival 2017 (Mediocre)

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Noose Women (Bear Faced Moon Company and New Celts Productions)
Communism: The Musical! (Lancaster Offshoots)
Service! (Clock Tower Theatre)
La Maladie De La Mort D'Après Marguerite Duras (Collectif Or Normes)
Julio Torres: My Favourite Shapes (Rabbit Rabbit)
Becky Lucas: Little Bitch (Century Entertainment)
Andy Stedman - Parental Guidance (Andy Stedman)
Professional (CUSP)
Professional (CUSP)27 August 2017

Pistorius: A Shakespearean Tragedy (The Mermaids Performing Arts Fund)
Planet Caramel: Hot, Sexy And Kind Of Desperate (Planet Caramel / PBH's Free Fringe)
Jamie McDowell And Tom Thum (Hey Boss)
Sisters: White Noise (Sisters)
Amy Howerska: Goddess Unless Tired Or Hungry (Amy Howerska)
Trump'd! (Two Thirds Comedy)
Crave (Pembroke Players)
Paper Doll (Weird Sisters)
1917: A Phantasmagoria (Michael Daviot)
The Inevitable Quiet Of The Crash (Leoe & Hyde in association with FoxTale Productions)
Lauren Bok: Is That a Burrito in Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy You Have A Burrito (Lauren Bok)
The Accidental Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Tobacco Tea Theatre Company)
Godspell (Shotgun Theatre)
Pornography by Simon Stephens (The Lincoln Company)
Beadledom: Alpha (Familia De La Noche)
James Adomian: Lacking In Character (Live Nation)
Morgan Stern (Company Of Rogues)
Cow (Jessica Barker-Wren)
The Bearpit (Kopfkino)
Stuart Laws Stops (Plosive Productions)
Overshare (Pieces Of Us Theatre Company)