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The Good Person of Sichuan – The Italia Conti Ensemble (Theatre)
Murder She Didn’t Write (Degrees of Error & Something for the Weekend)
Storyteller (The Owle Screame)
Scene (Black girl/White girl and Pembroke Players)
Noose Women (Bear Faced Moon Company and New Celts Productions)
The Charlie Question (Je Ne Sais Quoi Theatre)
Communism: The Musical! (Lancaster Offshoots)
Dickless (Fundamental Theatre Project / Salt 'n' Sauce Promotions)
Venus And Adonis (Noontide Sun and Christopher Hunter)
Mission Abort (Therese Ramstedt)
Awake (Miranda Colmans)
Service! (Clock Tower Theatre)
Did I Choose These Shoes (Rhythm Theatre Company)
La Maladie De La Mort D'Après Marguerite Duras (Collectif Or Normes)
Fleabag (DryWrite and Soho Theatre in association with Underbelly)
Circa: Humans (Closer, Beyond, Wunderkammer)
Julio Torres: My Favourite Shapes (Rabbit Rabbit)
Becky Lucas: Little Bitch (Century Entertainment)
Frankie Boyle - Prometheus Volume I (Chambers Touring)
Andy Stedman - Parental Guidance (Andy Stedman)
Francesco De Carlo: Comfort Zone (Mick Perrin Worldwide Artist Management)
Will Duggan: Perspicuator
ForniKATEress (Kate Smurthwaite / PBH's Free Fringe)
The Waiting Game (Snowy Owl)
Professional (CUSP)
Professional (CUSP)27 August 2017

Trashed (Lab Rats)
Trashed (Lab Rats)27 August 2017

City Love (Illuminate Productions / PBH's Free Fringe)
Burnt Toast (Place Productions)
Not I (Touretteshero and Battersea Arts Centre)
Dates - At The Speed Of Sound! (Ace-Production / From Start To Finnish)
A Hunger Artist (Sinking Ship Productions)
DIGS (Theatre With Legs)
How to Be A Sissy With Percy Q Shun (South By Northwest)
All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Middle Child)
Pistorius: A Shakespearean Tragedy (The Mermaids Performing Arts Fund)
Syd And Sylvia (Claudia Jefferies / PBH's Free Fringe)
Sam Shaber: Life, Death And Duran Duran (Sam Shaber)
The Starship Osiris (Willis & Vere)
Five Encounters On A Site Called Craigslist (YesYesNoNo)
An Evening With An Immigrant (Inua Ellams and Fuel)
Egg (Theodora Van Der Beek / PBH Free Fringe)
Me and My Bee (ThisEgg)
Certain Young Men (Cambridge University Queer Players)
Cathy (Cardboard Citizens)
Planet Caramel: Hot, Sexy And Kind Of Desperate (Planet Caramel / PBH's Free Fringe)
Jamie McDowell And Tom Thum (Hey Boss)
Shake, Rattle 'n' Roll (Ian Munro)
Dollhouse (Bill Coleman and Gordon Monahan)
This Really Is Too Much (Gracefool Collective in association with Underbelly Untapped)
The Harry And Chris Show 2 (Harry Baker and Chris Read)
Sisters: White Noise (Sisters)
Colin Hoult / Anna Mann In How We Stop The Fascists (Berk's Nest)
Amy Howerska: Goddess Unless Tired Or Hungry (Amy Howerska)
Trump'd! (Two Thirds Comedy)
Shit I'm In Love With You Again (Crowning Monkey)
All My Friends Are Dead (Conor Drum)
Bruce (Underbelly and The Last Great Hunt)
Eaten (Mamoru Iriguchi)
Columns (The Wax House Theatre Company)
The Pitchfork Disney (Gone Rogue Productions)
What Goes On In Front Of Closed Doors (Joue Le Genre / Noel Gay Artists)
Things We Find In The Dark (Echo Echo Echo)
The Shape Of The Pain (China Plate, Rachel Bagshaw and Chris Thorpe)
Joan (Milk Presents)
Joan (Milk Presents)25 August 2017

DollyWould (Sh!t Theatre with Show And Tell)
Cosmic Scallies (Graeae Theatre Company and Royal Exchange Theatre)
Performers (Performers Ltd)
Out Of Love (Paines Plough, Theatr Clwyd and Orange Tree)
Above the Mealy-mouthed Sea (Unholy Mess in association with Omnibus)
Bin Laden: The One Man Show (Knaive Theatre)
Douze (X And Co in association with 21 Theatre)
SoftLOUD (Sean Shibe)
SoftLOUD (Sean Shibe)25 August 2017

Echoes And Traces (Cappella Nova)
Death In Venice (Edinburgh Ballet Circle)
Tribe (Temper Theatre)
Elixir (Underbelly and Head First Acrobats)
Adrian Minkowicz: Best Newcomer (Double The Bet / PBH's Free Fringe)
Broke As A Joke (Danny Lobell)
Tom Neenan: Attenborough (Berk's Nest)
Shazia Mirza, With Love from St Tropez (MTM Productions)
The Inane Chicanery Of A Certain Adam GC Riches (Tigco)
Ian Smith: Snowflake (Bound And Gagged Comedy)
GayShit (Wayne Carter)
Chris Washington: Dream Big (Within Reason)
Alasdair Beckett-King: The Alasdair Beckett-King Mysteries (Mick Perrin Worldwide)
Spontaneous Sherlock (Spontaneous Sherlock / PBH Free Fringe)
Chris Martin: The One And Only Chris Martin (So Comedy)
Tomás Ford: Craptacular (Civil Disobedience)
Jamie Wood: I Am A Tree
You Are Not the One Who Shall Live Long (DOT504)
Lucy Pearman: Maid Of Cabbage (United Agents and Plosive Productions)
Jordan Brookes: Body of Work (Show And Tell)
Rachel Parris: Keynote (Live Nation in association with Troika)
Mark Steel: Every Little Thing's Gonna Be Alright (Off the Kerb Productions)
Louise Reay: Hard Mode (Louise Reay / The Stand Comedy Club)
Gillian Cosgriff: To The Moon And Back (Julz Hay Proudly presents)
The Giant Jam Sandwich (New Perspectives Theatre Company)
The Dark Room For Kids (CatFace Talent / John Robertson)
The Laramie Project (The Italia Conti Ensemble)
Goody (BoonDog Theatre)
Crave (Pembroke Players)
Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market (JJewell Productions)
To Hell In A Handbag (Helen Norton and Jonathan White)
Behind The Mirror (Go Theatre Company)
The Crossing Place (Romantika)
A Year Of Minutes (Fourth Wall Theatre)
Shit-Faced Showtime: The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz (Magnificent Bastard Productions)
Topical Storm 2017 (The Stand Comedy Club)
Elf Lyons: Swan (Mick Perrin Worldwide in association with Dawn Sedgwick Management)
Michael Clarke: A Felt In Progress (PBJ Management)
Tom Goodliffe's Coffee Run (EMX Management)
The Polar Bears Go Up (The Polar Bears / Unicorn Theatre London)
Trash Test Dummies (Underbelly)
Tense Vagina: An Actual Diagnosis (Sara Juli)
Paper Doll (Weird Sisters)
1917: A Phantasmagoria (Michael Daviot)
A Girl And A Gun (Louise Orwin)
Power Ballad (Zanetti Productions)
Fix (Worklight Theatre)
Derailed (Little Soldier Productions)
The Damned United (Red Ladder Theatre and Unity Theatre Liverpool)
Perhaps Perhaps Quizás (Gabriela Muñoz in association with Aurora Nova)
The Narrator (Spitfire Company)
Tony Law: Absurdity For The Common People (Tony Law/The Stand Comedy Club)
Simon Amstell: Tour Previews (Work In Progress) (Mick Perrin Worldwide)
Police Cops In Space (The Pretend Men)
Nick Revell vs Lily, Evil Cat Queen Of Earth Planet And The Laughing Fridge (Nick Revell/The Stand Comedy Club)
Nick Cody: On Fire (MZA in association with Century Entertainment)
Demi Lardner: Look What You Made Me Do (Underbelly and Laughing Stock)
Oskar's Amazing Adventure (Theatre Fideri Fidera)
Dr Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal And The Hippo That Can Never Be Caught (Mouths of Lions)
Hot Brown Honey (Briefs Factory)
Courtney Act: The Girl from Oz (Working Management)
Victim (Bruised Sky Productions)
The Unmarried (Lauren Gauge)
The Road That Wasn't There (Trick of the Light / Zanetti Productions)
Like Blood From a Cheap Cigar (Genevieve Joy)
Knock Knock (Niv Petel)
Hotter (Transgression Productions)
L'Orfeo - English Baroque Soloists, Monteverdi Choir, Sir John Eliot Gardiner (Edinburgh International Festival)
Prévert: Piano And Poetry (Alexandre Prévert)
Edinburgh Renaissance Band - Musical Migrants (Edinburgh Renaissance Band)
Organ Freeman (Jarlath Regan)
Goose: Amphetawaltz (So Comedy by arrangement with Troika)
Barry Crimmins: Atlas's Knees (Barry Crimmins / Lakin McCarthy / The Stand Comedy Club)
Alexander Fox: Ringo (Alexander Fox)
The Remains Of Tom Lehrer (Performed by Adam Kay) (Amateur Transplants presented by James Seabright)
The Lulu Show: Life On The Never-Never (Gilded Balloon Presents...)
Last Resort (2Magpies Theatre)
Iphigenia Crash Land Falls On The Neon Shell That Was Once Her Heart (A Rave Fable) (Clumsy Bodies)
Cacophony (Cast Iron Theatre)
We Are Ian (In Bed With My Brother)
Pike St (Barrow Street Productions)
Gazing At A Distant Star (Greenwich Theatre)
Finding Nana (New Perspectives Theatre Company)
Mine (Put The Book Down)
2 Become 1 (Kings Head Theatre and Swipe Right)
The Inevitable Quiet Of The Crash (Leoe & Hyde in association with FoxTale Productions)
Frigid: A Musical Worth Melting For (Napier University Drama Society)
Modern Maori Quartet: That's Us! (The Modern Maori Quartet Ltd)
Free Fringe Music (National Museum Of Scotland)
Scottish Superwomen Of Science - Minerva Scientifica (Electric Voice Theatre)
Elsa Jean McTaggart: Sings, Strings And Other Things (Elsa Jean McTaggart)
The Noise Next Door's Really, Really Good Afternoon Show (CKP)
Found Footage Festival (Perfect Strangers Comedy)
Angela Barnes: Fortitude (Off The Kerb Productions)
Tiernan Douieb: Miserably Happy (Tiernan Douieb / PBH's Free Fringe)
Lauren Bok: Is That a Burrito in Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy You Have A Burrito (Lauren Bok)
Joe Hart: Alpha, Beta, Gamer (Total Comedy)
Imaginary Radio (Drennon Davis Jim Hickox - Bigtop Productions)
I Can Make You Tory (Leo Kearse)
Eshaan Akbar: Not For Prophet (CKP & ROAR Group Present)
Mavis Sparkle (M6 Theatre Company)
Wanna Dance With Somebody! Or, A Guide To Managing Social Anxiety Using Theoretical Physics (Running Dog Theatre)
Quarter Life Crisis (Yolanda Mercy and Gemma Lloyd in association with Underbelly Untapped)
£¥E$ (LIES) (Ontroerend Goed)
The Gardener (Cumbernauld Theatre)
Assessment (Shows On A Shoestring)
The OS Map Fan Club (Helen Wood)
My Pet, My Love (Marc Up Productions)
Under My Thumb (CultureClash Theatre and Greenwich Theatre)
Whalebone (Hatch It Theatre)
A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad) (Silent Uproar in association with LittleMighty)
Penetrator (Fear No Colours)
Simon And Garfunkel: Through The Years (Bookends)
Three Colours Guitar (Declan Zapala, John Wheatcroft and Matt Buchanan)
The Dreamer (Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre in association with Gecko)
Yianni Agisilaou: Pockets Of Equality (Yianni Agisilaou / PBH's Free Fringe)
Seymour Mace's Magical Shitcakes From Heaven (Seymour Mace / The Stand Comedy Club)
Losers (Tit4Twat)
Losers (Tit4Twat)18 August 2017

Jason Byrne: The Man With Three Brains (Phil McIntyre Entertainments by arrangement with Lisa Thomas Management)
The Delightful Sausage: Cold Hard Cache (The Delightful Sausage)
Dana Alexander: The Milk Is Not Free But Sometimes It's On Sale (Dana Alexander / The Stand Comedy Club)
Brennan Reece: Everlong (Live Nation in association with United Agents)
Sarah And Duck's Big Top Birthday (MEI Theatrical)
The Gruffalo's Child (Tall Stories)
Arr We There Yet? (Head First Acrobats)
Carla Lippis – Cast A Dark Shadow (Civil Disobedience presents Carla Lippis)
The North! The North! (Christopher Harrisson)
What Would Cathy Do? (40 Watt Pearl - Australia)
One-Man Apocalypse Now (Chris Davis)
Adventurers Wanted: A 250-Hour Epic Tabletop Roleplaying Game (Total Party Kill! in association with Sweet Venues)
MANWATCHING (Royal Court Theatre)
The Great Ridolphi (The Last Great Hunt)
Beadledom: Omega (Familia De La Noche)
The Accidental Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Tobacco Tea Theatre Company)
An Act of Kindness (Rascal Theatre)
Godspell (Shotgun Theatre)
Cathedral Lunchtime Concerts – Free (St Mary's Cathedral)
Pianologues (Will Pickvance)
The Kingston University Brass Ensemble (Kingston University)
Acéléré by Circolombia (Circolombia in association with Underbelly)
Rachel Jackson: Bunny Boiler (Hannah Layton Management)
Princes Of Main: New Year's Eve (Princes of Main)
Brendon Burns And Craig Quartermaine In Race Off (Mick Perrin Worldwide)
We Are Still All C*nts (Ashley Haden)
Arna Spek: Museum Piece (To The Moon)
JoJo Bellini: Crash-Bang Cabaret! (JoJo Bellini / The Stand Comedy Club)
Taiwan Season: Ever Never (Co-coism)
Pornography by Simon Stephens (The Lincoln Company)
Perfectly Imperfect Women (Wizard Presents)
Stiff Dicky (JunkBox Theatre)
Lilith: The Jungle Girl (Sisters Grimm)
Kafka And Son (Theaturtle, Threshold, Richard Jordan Productions in association with the Pleasance)
The Hero Who Overslept (Bravebeard Productions and Fringe Management)
Beadledom: Alpha (Familia De La Noche)
Ukelele Death Squad (Ukelele Death Squad)
The North (Joan Clevillé Dance)
Paul McCaffrey: Suburban Legend (Paul McCaffrey / Off The Kerb Productions)
Maddy Anholt - Herselves (Maddy Anholt/Corrie McGuire for ROAR Comedy/Moneybox)
Jack Barry: High Treason (Berk's Nest in association with Avalon Management)
Danny O'Brien: RaconTour (Danny O'Brien by arrangement with Corrie McGuire for ROAR Comedy)
Pity Laughs: A Tale Of Two Gays (Straightup)
James Adomian: Lacking In Character (Live Nation)
D'Arcehole (Jo D'Arcy)
Andy Daly: Monsters Take Your Questions (Rabbit Rabbit)
At A Stretch (Jordan And Skinner)
Wild Bore (Soho Theatre and Malthouse Theatre)
Lula Del Ray by Manual Cinema (Underbelly and Manual Cinema)
Hear Me Raw (Áine Flanagan Productions and Lipsink in association with United Agents)
Amy Conway's Super Awesome World (RiotBox Productions)
All KIDding Aside (Christel Bartelse / DutchGirl Productions)
Odyssey (Theatre Ad Infinitum)
The Giant Killers (The Long Lane Theatre Company)
(FEAR) (Mr And Mrs Clark)
How To Win Against History (Áine Flanagan Productions and Seiriol Davies present)
The James Taylor Story (Night Owl Productions)
Taiwan Season: Together Alone (Zoltán Vakulya, Chen-Wei Lee x ART B&B)
Rob Auton: The Hair Show (Rob Auton)
Phil Wang: Kinabalu (Avalon Promotions Ltd)
Fin Taylor: Lefty Tighty Righty Loosey (Fin Taylor)
Micky P Kerr Is Lay-Z (Micky P Kerr)
Dane Baptiste: G.O.D (Gold. Oil. Drugs) (Bound and Gagged Comedy in association with UTC Artist Management)
Annie McGrath: Ambivert (Plosive Productions)
Just William's Luck (Shedload Theatre)
A Gym Thing (Working Cast Productions / Small Things Theatre)
Games and After Liverpool by James Saunders (Blind Elephant)
Enterprise (Americana Absurdum Productions)
Ensemble Kla_Vier: Four Men, Four Pianos (Ensemble Kla_Vier)
Kin (Barely Methodical Troupe in association with Underbelly)
Kwame Asante: Open Arms (CKP and ROAR)
Graham Dickson Is The Narcissist (Berk's Nest in association with PBJ Entertainment)
David Trent: Here's Your Future (Phil McIntyre Entertainments)
Britney In: John (Country Mile Productions)
Box Clever (Nabokov and The Marlowe)
Séance (Darkfield)
Séance (Darkfield)12 August 2017

Morgan Stern (Company Of Rogues)
Gutted (The Conker Group)
The Chess Player (Theatre Omnibus - Massachusetts, USA)
Misha's Gang (Russian String Orchestra)
Cathedral Lunchtime Concerts - Free (St Mary's Cathedral)
Tim Vine: Sunset Milk Idiot (Bound & Gagged Comedy)
Lost Voice Guy: Inspiration Porn (Lost Voice Guy / The Stand Comedy Club)
Butt Kapinski (Kapinski Enterprises and The Pleasance)
That Moment (Blueleaf Theatre Company)
Suspicious Minds (Tom Fowler and The Pleasance)
The Nature Of Forgetting (Theatre Re)
Mental (Kane Power Theatre)
Doglife (Grassmarket Projects)
Cow (Jessica Barker-Wren)
The Bearpit (Kopfkino)
Baba Brinkman's Rap Guide To Consciousness (Soho Playhouse Inc)
Sara Pascoe: LadsLadsLads (Mick Perrin Worldwide in association with Dawn Sedgwick Management)
Edd Hedges: Wonderland (RBM)
Aunty Donna: Big Boys (Century Entertainment)
Staging Wittgenstein (Blair Simmons and Nathan Sawaya Productions)
Losing Days (Initiative 26 / Salt 'n' Sauce Productions)
Bacchae (Flying Pig Theatre Company)
Caleidocello (Peter Hudler Cello)
Sam Goodburn: Dumbstruck (Underbelly and Sam Goodburn)
Nazeem Hussain: Hussain In The Membrane (Nazeen Hussain)
Muriel: Bad Master (Muriel in association with Dawn Sedgwick Management)
Michael Stranney: Welcome To Ballybeg (Michael Stranney)
Kat Bond: Loo Roll (Kathryn Bond and PBJ Management present)
Giants: For An Hour (Fight In The Dog Ltd in association with United Agents)
We Are All Going to Die (Dead Person Productions)
Sign Of The Times (Rumble Theatre)
Hopeless (Leyla Josephine)
Dust (Milly Thomas)
Dust (Milly Thomas)8 August 2017

Baby Mama: One Woman's Quest To Give Her Child To Gay People (Mariah MacCarthy)
Prom Kween (Áine Flanagan Productions in association with Underbelly Untapped)
Rose Matafeo: Sassy Best Friend (Berk's Nest in association with Avalon Management)
Stuart Laws Stops (Plosive Productions)
Phoebe Traquair Song School Murals - Free (St Mary's Cathedral)
Brick City: The Backstage Tour! (Warren Elsmore)
Morale Is High (Since We Gave Up Hope) (Powder Keg)
I Am Faransis W. (sadsongskomplex:fi / From Start To Finnish)
Overshare (Pieces Of Us Theatre Company)
Cognitions (SpeakUp Theatre)
Brutal Cessation (Michelle Barnette Productions Limited)
Arbikie Pipers Game Of Drones (Arbikie Pipers)
Batacchio (Cirk La Putyka)
Me And Robin Hood (Hoipolloi & Royal Court in association with Theatre Royal)
Children Are Stinky (Circus Trick Tease)
Calvinball (Ipdip Theatre)
Show Me The Money (Paula Varjack)
Ramy: In The Frontline (Viirus Theatre / From Start to Finnish)
Phools (Babolin Theatre)
Mary Go Nowhere (Black Rocking Chair Productions)
Eggs Collective Get A Round (Eggs Collective)
Brexit The Musical (Strong and Stable Productions)
Violin Variations (Ian Peaston)
The Blues Brothers - Live (Nicholas Abrams And Richard Williamson Present)
Aquapella: Happy Hour (Aquapella)
Patrick Turpin: Itty Bitty Little Titty Piece (Live Nation in association with Hannah Layton Management)