Columns from Edinburgh Festival 2016

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Orlando Baxter: Five life lessons from a US high school teacher
Three To See on 26 Aug: Brush Theatre, I Who Have Hands More Innocent, Jayde Adams
Liam O’Rafferty: Fringe survival tips from fiction
Chris Cooke: The tricky task of defending free speech
Recipe Corner: A pick-me-up soup from Jojo Bellini
Rory O'Keeffe: The post-Brexit grief of a monoglot
Jarlath Regan: You'll never guess who was at the show last night...
Recipe Corner: Chopping up some chillies with Clair Whitefield
Guy Masterson: The dos and the don’ts of going solo
Laura London: Ten ways to cheat
Sean Kempton: The horror of audience participation
Afsaneh Gray: What is Britishness?
Chris Stokes: Five things you might think during the Fringe that you MUST do the opposite of
Recipe Corner: Cooking with Yeti's - Scottish Edition
Bob Slayer: A Heroes perspective  on the evolving comedy Fringe
Luke Courtier: A guide to lunch on the hoof in Edinburgh
Alison Thea-Skot: My all-time favourite Fringe characters
Danielle Ward: A bad feminist’s Edinburgh Fringe survival guide
Henry Maynard: Darkness and puppets
Brendon Burns: Wrestling vs Comedy
Yianni Agisilaou: The Simpsons is basically Esperanto… and here is why
Short And Curly: The FIVE places that Kevin Spacey would definitely (probably) be seen in Edinburgh
Shazia Mirza: Why teenagers are always more interested in sex than religion or politics
Maddy Anholt: Three weeks later...
Stephen Greer: Your guide to Glasgow at the Fringe
Jinx Yeo: Top five Asian comedians
Penny Ashton: A tale of two nuptials
Samantha Baines: Eight Mind-blowing Space facts you never knew