Interviews from Edinburgh Festival 2015

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Ally Houston: Clowning with stand-up
Luke Wright: The stay-at-Fringe dandy
Eddie Nixon and Christina Elliot: Giving dance its place
Sofie Hagen: Bubblewrapped
Emma Hall: With 621 opinions, you have to choose
Henry Maynard: Flabbergasting the Fringe
Idil Sukan: Awarding the comedy creatives
Stephen Tobolowsky: Opening his files for the Fringe
Michael Legge: Telling it like it is
Angella Kwon: Showcasing Korea at the Fringe
Ian Smith: Here, there and whereabouts
Ben Norris: Talking love, loss and motorways
Adam Forde: Storytellers face off on the family fringe
Goose: Set loose with a one-man cartoon
Elspeth Turner: Ballads of old inspire writing new
Chris Kent: No stalling
Kally Lloyd-Jones: Moved by Nijinsky’s last jump
A. Tiger: The tasty Fringe
Doug Segal: Back reading minds and influencing people
Hannah Chutzpah: Answering our questions so nicely
Ali McGregor: All That Jazzamatazz
Barely Methodical Troupe: Bringing back Bromance
Shelley Mitchell: Performing with angels
The Dead Secrets: Curiosities in the Underbelly vaults
House Of Blakewell: Happy, happy, happy
Maddy Anholt: Best Fringe date
Linda Cattaneo: Cranking up the Discoteque Machine
LetLuce: Setting sail for another Fringe
Will Pickvance: Dissecting the piano
Penny Ashton: With a little help from Ms Austen
Stuart Bowden: Reversing into the Fringe
Yianni: Transgressing the 'line'