Columns from Edinburgh Festival 2015

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Michael J Dolan: Three Thousand Weeks
Amee Smith: Voyage around a father
Festival Of The Spoken Nerd: Fringe Charts 3
Rebecca Perry: An ode to ginger (or the redheaded renaissance)
Keith Farnan: The Fringe survival guide for children
It’s Puddles’ guide to the Fringe
Poetry Corner #06: by James Bran
Poetry Corner #05: by Elvis McGonagall
Lieven Scheire: Revenge of the nerds
Festival Of The Spoken Nerd: Fringe Charts 2
Chris Betts: Bar etiquette during the Fringe
Samuel Brett Williams: Top Ten Theatre Walk-Outs
Poetry Corner #04: by Dan Simpson and Oli Forsyth from Stand Up & Slam!
Adam Riches: Rich pickings in Coach Coach’s Fringe team
Poetry Corner #03: by Clair Whitefield
Festival Of The Spoken Nerd: Fringe Charts 1
Ria Lina: A punter’s guide to Fringe marketing and hype
Chuck Armstrong & Charlie Stockman: A guide to adapting the classics
John Hinton: Why threes are (scientifically) magic
Elf Lyons: What superheroes taught me about sexiness
Chris Cooke: Speaking freely this Festival
Lloyd Griffith: I love cathedrals
Poetry Corner #02: by Jennie Benton Smith (Class 10B)
Poetry Corner #01: by Matthew Harvey (Auckland, New Zealand)
Stewart Francis: Stew penned this
Andrew Ryan: Former PI turned stand-up
Máire Clerkin: Confessions of a dodgy Irish dancer