Interviews from Edinburgh Festival 2014

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Rayguns Look Real Enough: Heading for the Hall Of Fame?
Vladimir Shcherban: Belarus Free Theatre
Dan Clark: Brings him selfie back to the Fringe
Catriona Knox: Post-boom bloom
Gein’s Family Giftshop: A Question For Three
Njo Kong Kie: A musical picnic with a twist
Philip Whitchurch: Re-imagining the Bard
Mr B: Edinburgh for chaps
Erin Kamler: Fuelling debate on the theatre Fringe
Massive Dad: A Question For Three
Curtis Uhlemann: Together through conflict
Lucy Ayrton: Splitting mermaids at the Fringe
Rebecca Hill & Bradley Leech: Women’s stories, men’s voices
Sophie Willan: Meet the novice detective
Fringe comics heckle Christ
Janey Godley & Ashley Storrie: Act To Act
Tom Blackmore: Peace and freedom in song
Fascinating Aida: A Question For Three
Jason Hewitt: Cleverly crafting claustrophobia
Chris Martin: Fringe responsibilliness
BEASTS: A Question For Three
Tamsin Clarke: Remembering a revolutionary
Marcel Lucont & Yacine Belhousse: Act To Act
David Bolger: Issues through dance
KlangHaus: Site responsive sounds
Rob Winlow: Austen’s life on the musical stage
Axis Of Awesome: The axis most awesome returns
Jessica Sherr: Playing with Bette Davis
David Lee Morgan: Honest words
Figs In Wigs: Fringe show offs
Celia Pacquola: Seeing how it all works out
Ramin Gray: Completing the Bard
Nadia Brooks: Speaking about the words
Natasha Gilmore: Alternative perspectives
Guy Retallack: A musical retelling of the 'thrill killers' crime
Zoe Lyons: Champion mustard cutter
Lucy Benson-Brown: Cutting Off Kate Bush
Dan Schreiber: The idiot elf arrives at the Fringe
Dan Clarkson: Another Potted Fringe show is elementary
Apphia Campbell: Voicing the inspiration of Simone
Christeene: Enter the machine
Susan Calman: The lady like Fringe