Interviews from Edinburgh Festival 2013

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Check out all the people we interviewed at Edinburgh Festival 2013, plus meet those performers who did the ThreeWeeks Quick Quiz.


John Hinton: More than just a theory - Einstein in Edinburgh
The Wrong Crowd: Folklore on the Fringe
Mary Paulson-Ellis & Audrey Grant: Exploring artists and their materials
Orange Tree Productions: Cultures collide between the empires
Kuopio Town Theatre: A Mammoth Fringe Finnish
Birthday Girls: Happy Birthday to you… for in fifty years time
Familia de la Noche: Very possibly the greatest liars of all the Festival
Matt Okine: Toasting an Edinburgh newcomer
Dean Friedman & JD Henshaw: Musical fun that’s silly and smelly
Tomás Ford: Electric Fringe cabaret… at midnight
Will Franken: Edinburgh benefits
Diane Spencer: Hurricane warning
Hungry Bitches: Hipsters beware
The Real MacGuffins: Big in Israel (allegedly)
Die Roten Punkte: Art rock cabaret
The Paper Birds: Perspectives through the ages
Amy Gilmartin: Fearing at the Fringe
Oliver Emanuel: Children's theatre on the edge
Worbey And Farrell: Deviating on the keys
Matthew Young: No pale imitation
EastEnd Cabaret: Slightly dirty talk
Tamsin Fitzgerald: 2Faced Dance
Monkey Poet: Spoken word, actually
Arielle Gray, Chris Isaacs and Tim Watts: From Alvin Sputnik to 'It's Dark Outside'
The Grandees: A Grandee return
Cerrie Burnell: Creating magic
The Magnets: A Cappella n Rock n Roll
Haley McGee: Oh my, wild and absurd on the solo Fringe
The Boy With Tape On His Face: Photo Interview
Scary Little Girls: Putting more Brontë in your cabaret
Shane Shambu: Cultures combine for these reality power games
Fine Chisel: Fine Fringe fusions
Patrick Monahan: Cakes and hugging
Scroobius Pip: Words, words, words
Bridget Christie: No bic for her
Lior: Checking into the Fringe flow
Brian Mitchell & Joseph Nixon: Pitching Daddy and Haystacks at the Fringe
Dan Cook: Beyond the Banjax, serving some Fringe time