Comedy at Edinburgh Festival 2012

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Noise Next Door post video diary of their 24 Hour Fringe Adventure
Gareth Morinan Fringe Blog: Why short people aren’t funny
Catie Wilkins: Badly named things
Luke Toulson: Not getting argumentative
Chris McCausland: Shattering expectations
John Robins: Into the real comedy zone
Vikki Stone: Hot and messy
DeAnne Smith: The sweet life
Stewart Francis gag declared best of the Fringe by Dave
John Robertson Fringe Blog: How To Seduce A Monarch
Lou Sanders Fringe Blog: How to get publicity for your show
Marny Godden Fringe Blog: Some twisted folk
Barbershopera Fringe Blog: All for One and One for All
Al Pitcher Fringe Blog: Edinburgh Olympics of comedy, dreams and broken hope
Morgan & West: A magical mystery tour
Dan Nightingale: Well conceived notions?
Tony Law: Nonsense to the max
The Ginge, The Geordie & The Geek: Standing out from the crowd
Asher Treleaven Fringe Blog: Autobiographical show
The Noise Next Door's 24 hour Fringe adventure
Marek Larwood: Roll up, roll up, let’s save the planet
Rhys Darby: He should definitely be here
Drennon Davis: Pajamas on for imaginary radio chat
Sarah Kendall: Stands up
Hannah Gadsby: Art, history, marriage and Mary
Casual Violence: Doing comedy casually and violently
This story belongs to Lionel Richie, naturally
Lee hits out at the commercial comedy Fringe, and the media that let it dominate their coverage
Rhod Gilbert: Liberating stand-up
Simon Evans: Antarctic inspiration for a Fringe adventure
Three To See 2012: Character comedians
Three To See 2012: Comedy shows with music
Three To See 2012: Comedy Dans
Three To See 2012: Five-star recipients
Three To See 2012: Really tall comic acts
Three To See 2012: Comedy with a sciency theme
Three To See 2012: Sketch shows
The Super Serious Show: Quick Quiz
Benny Boot: Quick Quiz
Richard Herring: Quick Quiz
Felicity Ward: Quick Quiz
Frimston And Rowett: Quick Quiz
Edinburgh club's new talent night to stage grand final at the Fringe
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre: Quick Quiz
Anne Chmelewsky, Through The Looking Screen: Quick Quiz
Mark Thomas: Quick Quiz
Bob Slayer on what makes his Fringe alternative
Chris Ramsey: Quick Quiz
Todd En Bratt: Quick Quiz
Jim Jeffries: Quick Quiz
Andrew Bird, Global Village Fete: Quick Quiz
More shows than ever eligible for Edinburgh's big comedy award
Tim FitzHigham: Quick Quiz
Paul F Taylor, The Pauly Show: Quick Quiz
Tom Deacon: Quick Quiz
Pete Johansson: Quick Quiz
Sammy J and Randy: Quick Quiz
Rich Peppiatt, One Rogue Reporter: Quick Quiz
Better shows divide opinion less, says comedy's data expert
Craig Campbell: Quick Quiz