News reports from Edinburgh Festival 2011

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EIF to announce new Honorary President
Edinburgh's Mela leads festival month finale
EIF announce involvement in 2012 Shakespeare extravaganza
Another record breaking Fringe
Another Edinburgh awards round up
ThreeWeeks Editors' Awards presented
Riches and Ker take Edinburgh Comedy Awards
ThreeWeeks' Editors' Awards to be presented tomorrow
A whole load more Fringe awards
Stand-up's Dad wrote winning joke
The Fringe's musical awards presented
Festival Media Network to stage annual Media At The Fringe debate
Comedy Award shortlists out, with massive eight contenders for Newcomer Prize
Malcolm Hardee Award shortlists announced
Amused Moose's Fringe winners announced
Politics Festival is go
More Fringe Firsts presented
Stand-up Mirza attacked while flyering
Cock-gate seemingly divides Fringe comedy communty
Stage Award nominations announced
Total Theatre shortlists out
Amused Moose Laughter Awards finalists announced
First Herald Angels presented
Gala show to celebrate Mervyn Stutter's 20th year
First Fringe Firsts presented
Watson to lead as comics try to retain Fringe football trophy
Art Festival presents Fringe films
Fringe performers to stage flash-mob snogfest
Waverley Care want jokes to #laffoffstigma
Physical Chekov homage wins FringeReview Prize
Maxwell uses Fringe to launch Alpine comedy fest
Can you spot the fake show blurb?
EIF offers eight pound tickets to young theatre-goers
Amnesty launch 2011 Fringe campaign
Rosie Wilby adds Fringe mishaps to her diary
Show & Tell launch newspaper
Total Theatre Awards return
Malcolm Hardee Award organisers announce week of stuff for Fringe 2011
Fringe performers meet the media
EIF takes you backstage
Fringe comedians lined up for wrestling extravaganza
ThreeWeeks announces its plans for Edinburgh 2011