Interviews from Edinburgh Festival 2011

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Bagpuss: When Camille met Bagpuss
Amanda Palmer: A Fringe doll on the Edge
Natasha Gilmore: A conversation with Natasha
Le Gateau Chocolat: A slice of Fringe cabaret
Tim Key: When Camille met Tim
Brett Goldstein: Fawlty Towers with tits - growing up in a strip club
Adam Riches: The Riches of character comedy
Charles Pamment: Spaces filled with fringe goodness
Beardyman: Two nights on the Fringe
The List Operators: Kids and compooters
Lucy Perman: A clean break at the Fringe
Glenn Wool: When Andrew met Glenn
Sammy J: When Andrew met Sammy
Idil Sukan: The Edinburgh Fringe through a lens
Paul Nathan: Harrassing children at the Fringe sells tickets
Fork: Have some Pink Noise
Peters Productions: An interview with words
Barry Cryer: When Richard met Barry
Anthony Rapp: On the Shakespeare Fringe... in 3D
Ben Divall, Elizabeth Guest & Johnathan Mills: Festival heirlooms lead cultural interchange
James Cowden: Right on the Spotlites
Nick Pynn: People call it avante folk
Luca Silvestrini: Dance where you LOL
Charlie Baker: And the wedding band play
Dusty Limits: Cabaret with out limits
Lorraine Chase: For tonight, Joe will interview Lorraine
Terry Alderton: Voices, silliness and pratting around
Theatre Ninjas: The app is back
Rosie Wilby: The accidental comedian