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Zoe Lyons: Quick Quiz

By | Published on Monday 5 August 2013

Zoe Lyons

Fringe favourite Zoe Lyons is a ‘Pop-Up Comic’ this Festival, performing every single day at The Assembly Rooms. But first, the all important Quick Quiz…

TW: Tell us about your show in no more than sixty words.
ZL: It is a random bag of observations and true stories including some about ill-advised television appearances; what it feels like being the thickest person who has ever appeared on ‘University Challenge’; and how life can leave you feeling jealous of a dog in a wheelchair. How many words is that…?

TW: Tell us about one other show you are planning to see this year.
ZL: I have just come back from doing some gigs in Australia and it was great to work with acts I have never seen before. I will be checking out their full shows in Edinburgh this year, particularly David Quirk, he is a splendid comedian and he has great taste in music, two qualities I like in a person.

TW: What’s your best piece of advice for Edinburgh first-time fringe-goers?
ZL: Go and see a show by someone you have never heard of, take a punt, that is what Edinburgh is all about. It is about broadening your cultural horizons. Also pack a flat shoe, you will be doing a lot of pavement pounding and a sensible shoe is essential. I am somewhat of an authority on the benefits of the sensible shoe. One last thing, don’t sink a pint of larger just before you take your seat for an hour long show. Five minutes into the show your bladder will be the only thing you are paying attention to.

TW: What have you done to prepare for your Edinburgh show?
ZL: I have practiced standing in a darkened room for 59 minutes shouting at strangers. It’s going really well. I have also dosed up on vitamin C in preparation for the inevitable fringe scurvy.

TW: Scotland’s got an important referendum coming up, if you could instigate your own referendum, what would it be on?
ZL: I think we should put the idea of a three day week to the vote. As a comedian it is pretty much how I live and I can heartily recommend it. Four day weekends for a happier healthier planet.

‘Zoe Lyons – Pop-up Comic’ was performed at The Assembly Rooms at Edinburgh Festival 2013.