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Yellow Bird Chase (Liars And Believers)

By | Published on Monday 22 August 2022

Follow this clown like trio of maintenance staff on their adventure to capture a magic yellow bird. With creative use of staging, props and slapstick energy, this show is accessible for everyone. Those hard of hearing or with English not as their first language are not left out in this performance that embraces gibberish alongside actions and expressions to convey the story. The costumes are brightly coloured, and their bright clown noses reflect their clownish energy. The three enthusiastic performers follow the bird across land, sea and sky. They battle pirates and monsters, in a journey that pushes their problem solving skills and friendships. It’s a show for everyone, silly and fun, and kept the children occupied for the whole fifty minutes.

Assembly George Square, until 28 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Haddi Conant]