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Who Stole My Hammer? (Myth-fits)

By | Published on Monday 14 August 2023

The Myth-fits, Fiona and Rosie, begin with a potted history of the Vikings before bringing us to where they want to be: a slightly madcap prop, costume and puppet-based retelling of the Norse myth about that time Thor had his magic hammer nicked by the King of the Ogres, then went in drag as Freya, Goddess of Love, to win it back with the help from Loki. The duo are largely quite successful in entertainingly and engagingly conveying complex ideas of myth and storytelling. However, the audience interaction bits of joining in with rowing, climbing, etc felt slightly rudimentary by comparison, leaving my 8-9yo co-reviewers a little cold. Still, as a gateway to myth and history, you could do Norse.

tw rating 3/5 | Bruce Blacklaw
Underbelly George Square, until 28 Aug