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Weegie Hink Ae That? ( W.H.A.T?)

By | Published on Saturday 27 August 2022

Ye cannae beat Scottish patter. This trio perform songs and sketches in a show that feels a bit like watching sketches from TV programmes like ‘Burniston’ and ‘Chewing The Fat’. Like all Scottish humour it’s full of foul language, rude, and self-deprecating. Indeed, this show brilliantly ticks those boxes. The sketches use stereotypical quirks to great effect and feature great characters, though some gags did fail to land. However, they make up for that with the original songs dealing with random topics, which are very much the best bit of the show. The crowd was full of Scots, and it’s obvious that this show will most appeal to that demographic – to which they cater amazingly –  but that doesn’t stop it from having a broad appeal. This show’s a belter!

Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose, until 28 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 |  [Andrew Melrose]